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Q: Are male calico cats worth money being as they are so rare?
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How much do male calico cats cost?

Due to the calico colour are nearly always found on just female cats, a male cat with such a coat may be worth a lot of money.

What is a male calico cat worth?

There is only one male calico out of every 3,000 calico cats. This makes the male calico extremely rare. It is not worth any set amount of money, but people may be willing to pay more depending on the specific breed of cat.

Are calico cats indoor cats?

Calico is a color not a breed

Are calico cats often neurotic?

Heck yes they are, but they are worth it. They are the most wonderful cats of all.

How much are calico cats worth?

since Calico is just a color not a breed, it depends what kind of cat it is . most are just average domestic housecats and arent worth much Answer They are priceless, interesting pets with an attitude. Often cranky, they are always female cats. Some cultures call them "money cats," because they bring good fortune.

What percent of calico cats are female?

More than 99% of calico cats are female. Male calico cats are extremely rare.

What breed to the parent cats have to be for the offspring to be calico?

The coat pattern of calico cats does not define any breed, calico occurs incidentally in cats.

How much male calico cats worth?

it is VERY rare to have a boy calico cat. The odds of having a male cat is 1 in a million so they would be worth a lot.

Do all Calico Cats have six toes?

No, not all calico cats have six toes

Where are Calico cats from?

Calico cats come from many generations of different breeds of cat, as Calico is a certain colour, not a type of cat.

How much are female calico cats worth?

they are about £7000 from a good breeder

Are calico cats sterile?

Females are usually not, but male calico cats are almost always sterile.

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