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Are maple trees decideous?


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yes, just like pine trees are coniferous

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Yes, since they drop their leaves in autumn.

Are maple trees annuals or perennials?Maple trees are perennials.

Spruce trees are softwoods and maple trees are hardwoods

Sap is removed from maple trees by maple farmers.

Pine trees are a type of soft wood and a maple tree is a hard wood

Yes, maple trees do grow in Norway. The Norway maple trees are considered to be an invasive tree in Norway. There are an estimated 128 species of maple trees in the country of Asia.

maple trees in member spot: in camelot but in free there are maple logs only

Maple trees do not stay green all year. Maple trees are deciduous. Maple leafs change colors in fall and then fall in winter.

Many animals live in and around red maple trees. Squirrels and chipmunks are commonly found in red maple trees. Many types of birds can be found in red maple trees.

Yes, maple trees do grow in Canada, and that is how we Canadians get our tasty "Maple Syrup on our Pancakes".

A maple trees habitat is a coniferous forest. It is a special type of tree, and a maple tree is one of them.

Maple Trees produce sap to nourish their roots.

the maple trees adaptation is its thick bark and its strong wood

maple trees usually grow in pies from bob

there is no number for maple trees in florida but there might be about 500+

Maple Sap is the sap that comes out of Maple trees.

...They're not the same. Maple trees are like regular trees and pine trees are Christmas trees. Maple trees produce syrup that you can eat. Where-as pine trees make sap but you can't eat that.

The seeds will not grow, and new maple trees would not be produced if maple trees stopped making seeds.

The sap of maple trees:Maple sugarMaple syrupMaple sugar pralinesMaple cakeMaple sugar cookiesThe wood of maple trees:FurnitureCabinetsChopping blocksCutting boardsFlooringLumberThe Leaves of maple trees:Arts and crafts itemsFall decorationsPressed flower and leaf craftsThe Seeds of maple trees:The "winged" seeds of maple trees can be used to make a whistle, held in your mouth you can cause it to flap and vibrate against the top of your mouth and make cool noises.

Maple trees. Maple sugar is made from maple syrup.

Winter is the best time for collecting sap from maple trees.

a maple tree will always be a maple tree.... It's DNA doesn't change.

yes because the other states have sugar maple trees and maple trees you might know

Well on maple trees, they produce maple leaves.

Canada, That is where maple syruo comes from.

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