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Are men attracted to women who wear glasses?

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In general, no. However, in Japan some people actually have a glasses fetish... the word for theis is "meganekko". Another opinion There are plenty of men who find women with glasses especially intriguing and attractive, not just in Japan. It isn't a fetish, but it could be because a woman or women that they really liked before had glasses and they have good feelings about women with glasses because of that.
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What do men find attractive in women?

Lots of different looking women are attractive in their own right. A women who looks after her body (not smoking, eating right, exercising) is attractive as it shows she is bo

What attracts men to women?

They like it when we show are emotions.. but not too much! Just try to understand what she says to you and care. They LOVE to talk!

Do men like women who wear glasses?

Thanks largely to the media- and the movies, Tv etc. it is very rare to even see a woman- or a man, wearing specs- especially in any kind of love situation. I can only recall

Do women get attracted to bald men?

Yes, Of course. I'm highly attracted to bald men. Every time I see a bald man, my head turns. I've never dated a bald man but I want my future husband to be bald. I know that

Do more men wear glasses than women?

Probably. Many women see a stigma in visual impairment, and avoid being seen in public wearing specs. On the other hand some visually-impaired actresses have even lent their n

Who is attracted to both women and men?

People who are attracted to both men and women are classified as being bisexual though they may not necessarily be attracted to both equally.
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What type of men are attracted to women who wear glasses?

Usually its the type of guys who are smart, and usually the guys who respect you for who you are. you will know if they like you by them: -staring at you for 10 seconds+
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Why do men find women more attractive when they are wearing red?

Bright colors work!! Nearly everyone chooses bright colors above darker colors. Bright means happyness, and who doesnt want happyness? Its not only because its bright, its
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Do women find men wearing stockings attractive?

No. There is no reason for men to be wearing stocking, unless they are dressing as a woman, and I don't believe most women would find that attractive.