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No, meteor showers are not the result of the collision of asteroids. The asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter, and is quite distant from Earth; if the asteroids were to collide with each other it is very unlikely that they, or any resulting debris, would reach the Earth. Meteor showers are the result of the debris left behind by comets that swing in toward the sun on long elliptical orbits. Comets are composed mostly of various types of ice, which cement together rocky debris, and as they get closer to the sun, the ice begins to melt and the debris is released. If this happens in the vicinity of the Earth, there is a meteor shower.

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Q: Are meteor showers a result of collision of asteroids?
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because there are not much asteroids in the orbit of the earth because of it are not much collision between them which result in formation of meteors so meteor collision are not common on earth

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