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Are minor cramps normal during the first few weeks of pregnancy?


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2015-07-15 21:40:08
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Yes, for some women it can be.

I talked to a GYN nurse this morning and asked that same question. She said, yes, it is possible and not uncommon.

I spoke to my doctor regarding my initial question about cramping. I told him that I was still experiencing this minor cramping and he took me off work calling it a threatened miscarriage spell at this time. I would suggest noting where the cramps are felt,when,and for how long as in days. This will be a good indication for your docotor to decide what is best for you. In my case I am now taking progestrine suppositories to calm my uterus down. I am also off work for 6 weeks. I did also find out that I was pregnant with twins and one is not developing. In my opinion I believe that is the source for my cramping.

Yes, your uterus is expanding and stretching to make room for baby. I had horrible cramps with my pregnancy... but still i would seek a doctors opinion if you are pregnant and having bad cramps to be on the safe side.


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Cramps occur during the first trimester of pregnancy. It often results from normal change that occur during the baby's development. Cramps can generally be described as pulling sensations on or both sides of the abdomen.

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You can but you should see a doctor for any bleeding during pregnancy for them to determine if it is normal or not.

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Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. I had cramps during my first pregnancy which felt a lot like period cramps, but I did not have cramps during my other two pregnancies. They usually disappear after the third month (12 weeks.)

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Hi, Yes abdominal cramping is normal during early pregnancy unless the cramping becomes severe. In cases of severe cramping, then you must contact your doctor.

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Yes, but usually only at the time you would have had your first period after conception. After that it's normal to have pregnancy cramps but they're not normally menstrual cramps. If you are asking whether you can get pregnant during your period the answer is, it's very unlikely.

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