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Q: Are more people for or againsted animal testing?
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Are more people against animal testing than with animal testing?

In Europe there is a total ban on cosmetic animal testing. Most US companies that do not test on animals list on the package as cruelty free.

Arguaments against animal abuse?

you spelled arguments wrong! anyway, there are many arguments against animal testing. people can use skin cells, computer testing, or non animal models. animal testing needs to be stopped! it is wrong. there are more accurate and humane answers for testing products!!!

People for animal testing?

what!!! no! research has shown more accurate and humane ways to test products, such as skin cells, computer research, and non animal (human included, yes we are animals) models! Animal testing is wrong! it needs to be stopped!

Medical testing on animals does more harm than good?

Animal testing does more good than harm. because without animal testing the cure of polio wouldn't exist.

How many like animal testing how many don't like animal testing?

Animal testing is not okay. Thousands upon thousand of animals a year are subjected to poisoning, injury, and cruel conditions for the sake of animal testing. There are plenty of more humane ways to go about testing products.

Where in the US is animal testing illegal?

Animal testing is not illegal anywhere in the United States. However, other more progressive nations have outlawed animal testing under certain circumstances.

What is being done about animal testing?

Animal testing. If there's a word worse than "hate" let me know. That's how I feel about animal testing. Why do scientists test formulas and junk on animals before people. Well, first they see if the inocent animal gets hurt before they're ready to let people try it. Why? Why test it on an "inocent" animal first? There are more of us than there are of them. So, why not? How is it safer to test something on an "INOCENT" animal than a person?! Why would we rather hurt animals than people? I've never, and will never, understand that. would you like to know if we save an animal from test and have an human do it we can but a stop to animal testing today.

Can medicines be developed safly without animal testing?

Some madicines can but it is very expensive to get the right equipment to test on. But then people say testing on animals is way more affective. I dissagree with this because animals react in different ways depending on each animal. I completely dissagree with animal testing and it should be stopped. Hope this helps

How many animals die from animal testing?

More than a million animals die every year from animal testing.

How many countries allow animal testing?

animal testing can be carried out in most countries of the world with more or less restrictions on cruelty.also depends on what it is

Are there toothpastes that do animal testing?

no not any more

What are the effects on people of animal testing?

well people who love animals are having a hard time they are killing gods creation no more pets because they are killing them all

Why not to do animal testing?

Every year about 1 billion dollars is spent on animal testing even though there is cheaper and more effective ways. 92% of drugs that pass animal testing fail clinical trials. Animals and humans dont have the same effects.

How can you prove and make people realize the importance of animal testing?

their prob-ally gonna realize it when more animals start dieing and when people use the medicine and it doesn't work on them.

Are animal by products and animal testing the same thing?

No these are not the same things animal by products are parts of the animal taken from the animal while animal testing is a horrid thing they do to animals if you would like to get more info than there are probably videos and information about both on theInternet

Do more animals die from animal testing or the pound?


Why do you let animal testing happen?

We dont test on ourselves cause basically we are worth more than animals + i dont see no one volunteering so animal testing it is

Does medical testing do more harm than good?

yes, in many cases of animal testing animals die and or get very sick during the testing process.

Advantage and Disadvantages of Animal Testing?

Reasons For Animal TestingMedical Advancement: The most obvious advantage of animal testing is for medical experimentation. Advancements in medicine help people, animals, and even plants. Unfortunately, the best way to test potentially new medicines is through animal testing, and if initially successful, then by human testing too. It is considered more humane to do medical testing on animals first, then on humans first, for the obvious reason that human life is considered more precious than animals. Additionally, new medicines can also help animals too, so this falls under the philosophy of the needs of the many (animals) outweigh the needs of the few (animals). Meaning the few animals that are sacrificed or tested upon is worth less than the many animals that are potentially saved or helped, thus helping the greater good is more morale. Of course, this opinion is subjective to each person.Product Safety: Another popular reason for animal testing is for determining the safety of products, such as cosmetics testing. In theory, animals used for safety testing are typically not killed and remain healthy, however they are often maltreated. Again, it is commonly considered that the safety of people outweighs the safety of animals, thus animal testing for safety is common.Scientific Knowledge: Animal testing and experimentation is an excellent source to increase scientific knowledge. No one knows what knowledge that will be attained through animal testing, so the value of such animal testing cannot be ascertained ahead of time or even guessed. The most common examples of animal experimentation for scientific knowledge are animal biopsies and vivisections in schools to teach children biology and medical procedures. While this type of animal testing might not yield immediate useful results, it has been helpful in the long term of helping science.Accuracy: Finally, the biggest reason for animal testing is because it works better than any other alternative. Why animal testing can yield results different than human testing, the similarities between animals and humans is staggering and thus helpful to mankind.Reasons Against Animal TestingTorture and Suffering: Animals undergoing testing can be subjected to torture and suffering. Alternatively in some cases, some animals may be even cured of their ailments and diseases during the process of animal testing.Death: Animals can, and sometimes often, die in the process of animal testing.Ethics/Morality: The ethics and morality of testing on animals is often debated. A large number of people do not believe animal testing is ethical, however they often concede that it is necessary.Choice: Since animals cannot volunteer for animal testing, then some people believe animal testing is not ethical. These people believe that it is only ethical to test on subjects who willingly give their consent for self testing.Accuracy: As mentioned before, animals are different than people, thus their testing results are not always useful or practical for human comparisons. Therefore, if the usefulness of animal testing is in question, then animal testing should be reconsidered.Price: Finally, the price of keeping and disposing of animals can be quite high. That is why testing, on computer simulations, has increased recently. However, the accuracy of computer simulations is less than animal testing.

How have animals benefited from scientific research animal testing?

you find out more about them

Is animal testing good for humans?

No. There are much more humain methods that help humans more.

How do People of Ethical Treatment of Animals try to influence public policy and public agenda?

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA as it is more commonly known, influences public policy by making people aware of the problems that exist. Topics usually include animal testing and animal abuse.

Is animal abuse good?

Animal Testing is a part of animal abuse. 1. Cures and diseases have been made to save human lives. Treatments to diabetes, cancer, aids, etc. would not be available if it were not for animal testing. 2. Many things that have been discovered through animal testing also benefit other animals, and not just humans. 3. Most animal testing doesn't hurt the animal. Behavior experiments are often all that happens, and the animal gets a treat for doing something very easy like pressing a button. 4. There are institutional review boards that oversee testing to ensure that the animals are treated as well as possible. If you have any more suggestions of how animal abuse is good, please edit and add more topics of animal abuse and more numbers of how it is good. I personally think animal is never good. It involves unnecessary cruelty to innocent living creatures.

Why do animals get used for testing and not humans?

Because it is believed that a human life is more important than an animal's life. People don't think of animals feeling pain, testing on humans seems worse than testing on animals. Most of the products are tested on on humans after they have been tested on animals.

What kind of testing is done on animals?

alot of things are done in animal testing like makup house products and many more but the must makup comapny use's animal tessting is l'Oreal company in Paris