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no some are bigger and some are smaller


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asteroids vary in size from rock size to earth size and bigger.

Yes. Asteroids can be anywhere from the size of a grain of sand to larger than the Earth.

Well, some asteroids have small moons, and comets are the size of Earth mountains.

They can impact the Earth & damage would be relative to size.

• Most asteroids are quite small, under 1 kilometer in size

Asteroids are mass of earth or rock about the size ranging from 1 km to even 500 km. Meteorites are smaller than asteroids.

Pluto and asteroids are the same size because pluto was so small the decided to not make it a planet!

Venus is the planet that is the relative same size as Earth.

my guess is earth is the same size as earth

Jupiter's Large size and gravity keeps most objects from travelling into the inner solar system.

Venus is roughly the same size as Earth.Venus is about the same size as Earth. That is why it's called Earth's sister.

the planet venus.... size is about the same

Asteroids can have a size anywhere between about ten meters (by definition; anything smaller would be called a meteorite), and hundreds of kilometers. Comets have sizes somewhere in between, typically a few kilometers; so, the largest asteroids are LARGER than comets, while the smallest are SMALLER than comets.

Not necessarily. Both comets and asteroids vary in sides and to a large degree fall into the same size range.

Planets are larger and more massive than asteroids, but very nearly the same size and mass as planets.

A white dwarf can be roughly the same size as Earth.

Venus is very close to the same size as Earth.

Venus is about the same size as Earth. Earth is 5.22% larger by radius.

To tell the truth Venus is the same size as earth :) thanks

Saturn is a TON bigger- Earth is about the same size as Venus.

no the earth and the moon are not the same size the sun is about 100 times bigger than the earth

it depends on the size of the asteroids

the biggest asteroid is ceres it's 530mile long/930km compare to earth it 5x smaller

Yes gravity is the same size on earth but not in outer space where there is no gravity.

The size range of asteroids are few meters to over 900 km across

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