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if you mean BMXing bikers then, No.

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Q: Are most bikers emo
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What is the most emo screamo bands?

There is no such thing as "emo bands". there is only "emo-hardcore".

What are Grebs?

Hi , a Greb can be different things depending on where your from, I'm a greb and my opinion is that we are like kids of bikers. Most of my 'greb' friends and I are heavy metalers and wear a mixture of goth, biker, punk, emo clothes. Again it depends on where you're from. I hope this helped!

What does emo mean in emo?

Emo is Emotional Hardcore or just Emotional. Most of us are original. If you aren't original you'll be called a poser for being a follower. Not all of us cut. Most emos do ,but you can be happy. Black is a must for all emo people. We listen to emo music. Screamo is the most emo you can get besides Death Metal. XoXo Stay Twisted

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depends how much of an emo you are..? most of the time, emo's dont really play soccer.

Is Ashley an emo name?

Hello, Mainly, Ashley is not an emo name. Trust me, most emo names have the letter "X" in them.

Do motor bikers need any qualifications?

In most states, yes

If you don't dress emo - but you feel emo - are you emo?

First of all it is impossible to dress emo,you can dress goth or scene but emo is not a style.If you are asking if you are emo you are most likely a poser(a wanna be or someone who doesnt understand and thinks they do)

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I don't get why you think its OK to ask that!!! And labels are wrong. There is no place that has the most "emo people"

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No, if your friend's sister claims she's emo, she's most likely to be an emo wannabe/try-hard.

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Not all emo girls are shy but most are shy because of what people think of emos. Most people think ALL emo people are freaks, so most emo girls are shy because they dont want even more people messin' with them.

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Well emo can be liking emo music or you dress like it, Feeling hate and the most common cutting and dressing in black.

What do scene or emo guys like in a girl?

emo-ness, emo girls usually understand them cuz most other ppl dnt