Are motorcycles more dangerous than cars?

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Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars because in the event of an accident, the driver of a motorcycle has much less protection than the driver of a car does. In addition we could note that when driving a car, you do not have to maintain your balance; a car is not going to fall over no matter how you are sitting inside of it. Motorcycles, however, can fall over.
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Which is more dangerous cars or guns?

a car Another answer It is difficult to compare safety of two completely different types of tools. Cars accidentally kill thousands of people every year and there are a few intentional collisions; guns are used to kill thousands of people every year intentionally and there are a few accidents. P ( Full Answer )

Does air pollution endanger motorcycle drivers more than car drivers?

Answer . Answer: The quick answer to this question would have to be no... Even though many of the new vehicles have improved hepa filters for their air vents and air conditioners. Hepa are good for large and even many small particles. However they do very little to stop toxic vapors. Such as. ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages by riding motorcycle than car?

The advantages of the motor cycle is it is smaller and cheaper to run. Cars use more methhane than motorcycle. So buy a motorcycle and impress the girls!. Motorcycles are better than cars because you dodge through traffic, and you get sexy ladies

Is marijuana more dangerous than alcohol?

absolutely not. as you can see in the link above, alcohol requires more dependence than marijuana. this means that if someone gets drunk off of alcohol, the next time they wish to get drunk they will have to consume more alcohol than the previous time. Also, alcohol is more addictive than marijua ( Full Answer )

Are motorcycles safer than cars?

Cars have seat belts, air bags but motorcycles don't. Motorcycles are not as safe as cars because motorcycles are too fast and does not have seat belts and air bags to protect the driver so the answer is no, cars are safer than motorcycles because more people got hurt in motorcycle accidents than ca ( Full Answer )

Can a motorcycle stop faster than a car?

it depends on the rider, essentially the physics would definitely allow a motorcycle to stop faster than a car because you can put all the weight on the front wheel while slowing down, you cant do that in a car, a motorcycle can do a wheelie because it has a higher power to weight ratio than a car, ( Full Answer )

Are more people injured in car wrecks or motorcycle accidents?

There are far, far more injuries reported annually for car accidents than for motorcycle accidents. That's generally because there are many more cars on the road than motorcycles, though. If you look at it statistically, you are more likely to get in a car accident than a motorcycle accident (on any ( Full Answer )

Is a car faster than a motorcycle?

Depends on the degree of customization. Stock bikes are likely to be faster off the mark, but eventually a car can generate more downforce and is likely to be ultimately faster.

How dangerous are motorcycles?

1) Respect the machine 2) Never get over-confident 3) Watch out for: a) kids b) dogs c) sand 4) Always watch other vehicles--sometimes they either don't see you or they don't acknowledge your presence. If successful this will be my 46th riding season.

Does the car provide more danger than safety?

Cars, let us remember, are transportation devices, not protective devices (an armored vehicle such as a tank combines both of those functions). So rather than asking whether a car provides more danger than safety, we should properly ask whether the danger of driving a car outweighs the convenience ( Full Answer )

Is motorcycle dangerous?

yes, and i can think of 4 reasons: EXHIBIT A: you have very little protection in a crash EXHIBIT B: most dont have a spedometer, and you can rear-end a car EXHIBIT C: they have less traction for brakes, so rear-ending cars is more common EXHIBIT D: they...alter the mind. most people say they are "( ( Full Answer )

Is bulimia more dangerous than anorexia?

Not really. Both eating disorder are very dangerous and can be fatal. Bulimia has more immedate health concerns that come with forceful vomiting or laxative abuse, such as intestinal or stomach damage, tooth decay, choking, and the rupturing of the somach or esophagus.

How are cars dangerous than guns?

Don't you mean more dangerous than guns? Well, cars are bigger, so they have more potential energy. If that potential energy is released, then it could kill some one. If there was a gun as big as a car... Things would change.

Is a lion more dangerous than a tiger?

It depends on where you are. If you are in a forest, the Tiger is more dangerous because Lions don't live in Forests, they live in Deserts, where you most likely will not see a tiger. Overall, I think they are tied, Because tigers are stronger, but lions hunt in prides.

What are the dangers of motorcycles?

I think every vehicle has its own dangers and safe points. Motorcycle is little more dangerous vehicle that's why we should have to wear helmet and keep follow the traffic rules.

Why are car crashes more dangerous at higher speeds than at lower speed?

Because you have more velocity at a higher speed, which transfers more energy, causing a more dangerous and hard crash. Kinetic energy is 1/2 m v 2 so the energy is the square of the velocity, i.e. twice the velocity, four times the energy, and so on and so forth.

Is xanax more dangerous than marijuana?

Of course..xanax is a drug widely abused buy addicts and can turn ppl with anxiety into drug addicts. Marijuana is much much less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol

Is the h3n2 more dangerous than H1N1?

Well only a few hundred have it, and not sure how many died or if any have I'd say probably not, although it's at an early stage.

Are earthquakes more dangerous than hurricanes?

yes earthquakes have collapsed buildings and split roads in half and they can cause other natural disasters like . tsunamis . volcanoes hurricanes only cause one natural disaster and that's tornadoes earthquake death toll often reach into the thousands like the January 12 2010 Haiti earthq ( Full Answer )

Why is it more dangerous to drive a car across ice than concrete?

1st grade: Because ice make car go slippy. A little older: The ice reduces traction and friction between the wheels and the road, making it more difficult to steer and stop. P.S. If you are asking a question like that I recommend you read the the first answer.

Are cars safer than motorcycles?

That is actually a very complex answer. Yes, cars have seat belts, air bags, and a crumple zone, and motorcycles don't have any of those (the motorcyclist is the crumple zone). However, automobiles have the danger of perceived security. Perceived security can cause complacency such as distracted dri ( Full Answer )

Are cars dangerous than motorcycles?

No. However, cars have plenty of safety features also drivers of cars have lots of more protection than motorcycles. Motorcycles do not have safety features, just only helmets but however that motorcycles can really easily fall over but not cars. Cars can't fall over.

Are motorcycles better than cars?

No because in motorcycle accidents, more people lost their lives rather than car accidents. Cars are better than motorcycles because they are safer.

Is facebook more dangerous than MSN?

I think that Facebook and MSN are the same but Facebook has millions of people who has joined to so ... it would be much more funner on Facebook. Also, on Facebook you can put a lot more of information about yourself that everyone can see so it is dangerous if you don't pay very good attention to wh ( Full Answer )

Is cricket more dangerous than baseball?

Cricket is far more dangerous than baseball because in cricket you have a ball that is just as hard as a rock coming at the body at up to 100 mph and even though most body parts are protected some aren't whereas in baseball the balls are softer and to get hit it has to be a wild pitch

Is a bear more dangerous than a lion?

Yes, but it depends on the situation. A bear is more dangerous when it is wounded, hungry, and sees a human as a potential meal. A bear is also very dangerous when you surprise it, even if it's by accident. A bear is also dangerous if you don't know how to read its body language when it is tell you ( Full Answer )

Is a lion more dangerous than a rhino?

It depends if the rhino is provoked in attacking or not. A lion could be more dangerous if it attacks and fights enemies that come to attack the territory. But if a rhino charges, it is more dangerous.

Is a snake more dangerous than a bear?

Depends on the species of snake and the species of bear. Asps, Puff Aders and King Cobras are much more dangerous than any bear combined, whereas garter snakes and king snakes are much less aggressive than a brown, black, grizzly, or polar bear.

Is a motorcycle more eco-friendly than a car?

motorcycles get better gas mileage than cars(gasoline), and therefore use less gas, which in turn does produce less carbon emissions. (if you drive a car and a motorcycle the same distance)

Do motorcycles or cars cause more pollution?

Short Answer: Overall motorcycles cause much more pollution than cars. They produce substantially more air pollutants than cars do when it comes to hydrocarbons, particulates, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide. They produce less carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, than cars do but only about 30-6 ( Full Answer )

Is soccer more dangerous than volleyball?

Although both sports have their dangers, I personally believe volleyball is more so. Soccer holds the danger of getting injured by a player on the other team and possibly twisting your ankle, but not many long-term injuries are given. In volleyball, knee problems are very common, as well as shoulder ( Full Answer )

Is a motorcycle more fuel efficient than a car?

In general, yes. But it actually depends on the motorcycle and the car in question. It would be possible for a VERY big motorcycle to have worse fuel economy than a very small, efficent car.