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As in mopeds and vintage motorised cycles, yes.

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What is the legal age to ride a motor scooter in WI?

it depends were on the sidewalks you need a liscense for a motorized scooter and on roads too. but on private property it is legal and you need owners consent. i hope that answers your question.

Is it legal for a 12 year old to drive a 49cc gas mini bike in nova scotia?

Not on any public roads. To operate a motorized vehicle on public roads in Nova Scotia, you must have a valid drivers license, and the minimum age requirement for that is 16 years.

How old do you have to be to drive a moped without peddles in NJ?

A "moped without pedals" is considered a motorized scooter. Motorized scooters are illegal on NJ Roads and Sidewalks.[1]

How much weight can a wrangler with a 2.5 liter tow?

I think 3.5 ton is the legal limit for british roads

Is it legal to ride a go-cart on the street?

No. Most states require that all motorized vehicles on public streets be registered and plated. Also due to the go-carts small size, it is extremely dangerous to drive on public roads.

What are advantages of roman roads over british and french ones?

If you are referring to modern British and French roads, the stone-paved roads did not have any advantages over modern roads. Tarmac is a more efficient type of surface. Many of the British and French roads follow the course of the road the Romans had built there.

Are pocket bikes legal in Saskatchewan?

pocket bikes are not legal on highways or main roads, but they are legal in rural roads and mostly on small roads such as side roads through houses and such. pocket bikes are only legal through those roads if they do not exceed 30kph. in saskatoon and the surrounding area pocket bikes are ussually fine to use, yet in regina and that surrounding area, its not as easy to get away with unless its on a rural road or privater property

How many cars are on the british roads?

about 90,000

What is the saying about roman roads?

They say: "All roads lead to Rome." The Romans created an amazing network of roads all across the empire, initially to move troops to trouble spots (and back home again), but then also for speedy communication and ease of pre-motorized travel.

Why are ATVs not allowed on roads?

Because they are not street legal.

Are Moto GP bikes allowed on legal roads?


How old do you have to be to ride a road legal ATV on public roads in Florida but not main roads?

i think 15

What were british roads like in the 1700s?

dusty and bumpy

Is it legal it ride four wheelers on township roads in Pennsylvania?


Can you drive mini dirt bikes on roads?

no. they are not street legal.

Are golf carts legal on pa roads?

you need a paper saying this is street legal from the company you bought it from

Is it legal to ride your horse on public roads in Ohio?

Is it legal to ride in a trailer while pulled by a truck

Can you make a Atv street legal in Illinois?

If you put a spray tank on the back you can ride it on contry roads,but not on public roads

Do you have to have a license for a scooter in TX?

If the scooter is motorized and used on public streets/roads/highways, it must have a license plate and the driver should have a driver's license to operate the scooter.

Can you ride a dirt bike on paved roads?

Is it possible? Yes. Is it legal? No.

Is a 49cc pocket bike legal to ride?

Yes but not on Main roads

Is it legal to ride 4 wheelers on county roads in WV?


Is it legal to ride an ostrich or emu on public roads in North Carolina?


Why did the british build roads and railways in India?

The British did build the roads and railways in India to facilitate easy movement of goods and services in India. They also wanted to open India to the outside world.

Do you need a licence to ride electric bike on British roads?