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Only if they are not "done" with you. If they have secured a backup for you,you will be discarded,never frogiven and shut off .All as if you never existed and are worth nothing. no Yes, they will say they forgive, but all they want is to use you for narcissistic supply. It is really quite sad. Here is an actual excerpt from an email I received from my ex-husband after his girlfriend left him and his best friend dumped him. He had reached the bottom of the barrel for narcissistic supply and thus he turned to me: "I hope you are doing well. I know very hard feelings have passed between us, but to be brutally honest it is very hard for me having shared as much of my life with you as I did not to miss some pleasant conversation with you from time to time. I would like to catch up if you would be open to that at all. It will not have much effect on your life and it might even make you feel happy. I can not speak for you, but I prefer to make any situation which carries sad connotations into something slightly more pleasant rather than leave the bitter bitter. I promise I would not expect you to speak to me with regularity, I would just like to talk with you because I miss our conversations." Note how seductively and insistantly he is trying to get me to talk to him. He knows that once a conversation starts he can likely gain the upper hand. He will tell me anything to get that, including that he forgives me. But he will avoid using the word "forgive" if possible. It's sort of a dirty word for a narcissist. They hate to admit they were wrong, but when lacking NS, they will say anything. To clarify, this is a man who hasn't spoken to me or checked up on his baby daughter in eight months. He's not interested in me or his child. He's interested in getting his need for NS met. Note also that although hard feelings have passed, he's not clear about what they were (he's forgotten because they were not HIS hard feelings) and he's mainly interested in reminiscing because it would please him. He does offer something in return (I might "feel happy") but note the odd passive voice. Not "I will make you happy" but "it might make you feel happy" as if I am something he can manipulate like an instrument. His whole tone is odd. I hope you will find this instructive as an authentic example of a narcissist in full seductive mode. I merely find it tiresome at this point, and I expect I have many more years of these annoying and pathetic attempts to come before he finally gives up for good. If a narcissist says he or she forgives, it is the 'forgiveness' of an emotional vampire seeking a top-up, a quick 'fix'. Narcissists are scorekeepers. Nothing is ever really put to rest with "forgiveness." They will forget that they forgave you, then the ambient hostility begins anew. Pretty soon they are overtly re-hashing long dead issues and hoping to always "make you pay."

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I've been married to a Narcissist for 10yrs. It's not that easy of a question to answer.

NPD's need their Narcissistic supply. If they feel threatened that they might be loosing their supply then they will tell you they are sorry. NPD's usually are pathologicla liers.

They have a creative way of balancing their lives so that they may receive what it is they need from each individuale person.

It's not a feeling of regret or admitence that they have actually done something wrong, it's simply a way of manipulation.

So to sum up...yes they are sorry but for entirely selfish reasons. An NPD can not feel empathy and are capable of creating their own moral system. In other words, they never feel they are wrong because due to their delusions of granduer, they are capable of justifing their actions no matter how unjust they might be.

It sound complicated at first...but if you continue to read and study the disorder your NPD's peronality will become entirely predictable.

Good Luck!!


Answer above is spot on, they will apologise in order to keep the supply going, it isn't sincere, purely selfish, BUT, once they get you into position and it happens fairly quickly anything they do that's hurtful to you they will NOT apologise, as my N would tell me


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I would say "No". Because in the narcissist's warped mind, anything they do to help their cause is never wrong, therefore they never need apologize.

However, they may APPEAR to apologize if that may help their cause, for example to re-establish contact with somebody who still has something to offer them.

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In theory, it's possible for a narcissist to feel sorry. A diagnosis for NPD doesn't really require a lack of empathy and a god complex isn't even one of the criteria. Unfortunately, I've never seen any reports of a narcissist feeling genuine remorse. This could simply be because we don't think of anybody who can genuinely feel remorse as a potential narcissist.

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Q: Are narcissists ever sorry
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