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Everyone is different. When you are young your nipples may be hard a lot of the time. As you get older your nipples tend to become hard only when you are cold, wet or sexually aroused.


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Any womans's nipples can get hard. if there cold or arroused or something :)

No. Nipples will harden as a reflex when they are stimulated or cold.

Because the temperature is cold.

mainly because your cold.

The same reason you get gousebumps!

nipples generally get hard for 2 reasons 1. your cold 2. your horny this has nothing to do with pregnancy and is completely normal

We don't. They get hard when it's cold or some women get hard nipples when they are aroused. Same reasons some men have it actually.

When it's cold or they're turned on.

They get Cold and harden.

Most females nipples go hard when excited, cold or Wet. Dont know if that helped.

to keep them hard, you have to be freezing or cold. keep the air-conditioning on.

Nipples turn hard when you get cold or when girls really get turned on.

ugh. maybe your just cold sometimes the cold makes them stand out

some times its the person dealing with hormones but if its cold out side or the person is cold the nipples get or it can be from being horny. ask your parents kids : /

TWEAK UM! When a woman is aroused her nipples harden. OR you could always turn down the heat cold nipples=hard nipples

It Gets Hard And Burns. But Either Way, Youre Not Supposed To Put It In The Oven.

Being in a cold environment can cause such a reaction.

The same way you make a guy's nipples hard.

Because women have the chills so sometimes the nipples get hard.

Flick them, get cold like in a cold pool or super hot like in a shower. Or when u are horny they'll get hard (if you are a girl)

No, it doesn't. It means you are horny or you're cold, or you want to have sex or masturbate. It's normal.

To make your nipples hard, you need to sexually stimulate yourself. Massage your boobs, rub them, squeeze them, etc. Also, flick, lick, and touch your nipples as much as possible. Your nipples will get hard once you're horny and sexually stimulated.

Guys LOVE Hard Nipples. It Is Easier For Them To Suck On And Wrap Their Tongues Around!

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