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Muslim men can marry jewish and christian women. Muslim women can only marry Muslim men. So if by "love" you mean marriage then Yes. if you mean boyfriend-girlfriend then no, and thats reguardless of religion.

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What should you do if you love a Muslim?

Muslims are not allowed to date, even with muslims. If you are a muslim girl, you may not marry a non muslim man, but if you are a muslim man, u are permitted to marry a nonmuslim.

Are Muslims alound to love boys?

Muslim men are not allowed to love boys (or other men).

Why Why Why are girls allowed to wear Silk and Gold?

Because they are girls and girls love those colors.

Is love marriage allowed in Islam?

Yes it is allowed but just in case you want to know force marriage is definitely not allowed in Islam and most Muslims tend to have arranged marriage's.

Are Chameleons allowed for Muslims?

no they are not allowed chameleons as it would be racist towards geckos and they love them both equally and no favouritism is involved because Allah is fair

Are Muslim girls allowed to finger themselves?

In islam it is not clear mentioned bt girls love to enjoy themselves but they hide it

What foods do Muslims enjoy most?

Muslims love all food that is allowed (halal) for him to eat per Islam religion. see for more information the related question listed below.

Do david desrosiers love Muslims?

i dunno if he love muslims but i yhink yes because the muslims love anyone if was christian or any relegion and the christian must love the muslims because the muslims give the christian all respect.so why he/she hate muslims.that's all

Why do girls love boys and boys love girls?

Just a natural attraction. Some boys love girls Some girls love boys Sometimes boys love boys And Sometimes girls love girls personal preferences

Why do girls love cheese?

Not all girls love cheese.

How do you love girls?

see there true personatality. dont love them for their looks, love them for who they are. Girls would love you for that.

Does Nicki Minaj like Muslims?

Of course she does . There are fans out there who love her and are Muslim . And she must love her fans so the answer is yes she likes Muslims

What do girls love from boys?

girls love that boys are sweet and kind?

What is the duration of Girls in Love?

The duration of Girls in Love is 1800.0 seconds.

How should Muslims treat Jews and Christians?

Muslims are commanded to love and respect all.

What is spanish for you love your girls?

You love your girls. Tú ames tus chicas.

When did Girls in Love end?

Girls in Love ended on 2005-05-20.

When was Girls in Love created?

Girls in Love was created on 2003-04-01.

Can girls love boys?

Yes girls can love boys!It's better than girls loving girls and boys loving boys!

How do Muslims say i love you?

depends on their language!

Why Muslims are good at bed?

they r been given rights to have sex with any no of girls n so they dont know wat is love, tr major part is sex

Which comes first girls in love or girls in tears book by Jacqueline Wilson write first?

The order of the Girls series is: Girls In Love Girls Under Pressure Girls Out Late Girls In Tears

Is Muslim man allowed to marry newly converted Muslim woman that is already marriedDoes her marriage still valid with her nonmuslim husband?

well, what i know is that if a man is in love with an married lady he has to tell some of the people around him. but if the lady's husband is dead and she finds an other person they have to pray and pray for the Lady's man that is dead so he wouldn't be hunted by his spirit.

Why are girls not allowed to be in boy sports?

because girls would get hurt more (apparently!) I'm a girl and i love sports but im not allowed to play in any boys sports! im lucky aswell though because my school has a girls team! I'm a girl and i love playing sports! im very competitive and athletic but i have to admit guys are just overall stronger than girls. I don't wanna get hurt either even though im probably better at sports than half the guys at my school!

What do guys like about girls bodies?

Different guys like different types of the girl's bodies. There are those that love taller girls whereas there are those who love shorter girls. There are those who love dark-skinned girls whereas there are those who love the light skinned girls.

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