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All rivers, streams and such, lead to the ocean. As the streams flow, they simply pick up salt from rocks, and other such stuff that may have salt, and carry to the ocean. so graduelly the ocean gets saltier every year. Another answer: I heard or read somewhere, that as mankind harnesses the water from the major rivers, less fresh water reaches the oceans. This, in turn, makes the ocean salt levels higher, because there is less fresh water to dilute the salt content.

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Q: Are oceans getting saltier. explain why or why not?
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How are oceans getting saltier day by day?

Only God knows

Is the dead sea getting saltier?

The Dead Sea is getting saltier. but why?

Do oceans near the poles tend to be saltier?


Do the oceans get saltier over time?

no they don't

Are the seas getting saltier?

My off-hand guess would be that they are getting less salty on average as fresh melt-water from Greenland and the polar caps enters the oceans.

Why are the Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lake ten times saltier than the oceans?

It is saltier because it has no outlet to the sea.

Why aren't the oceans getting saltier?

Because, salt and water are both matter so neither can be removed from the earth since the beginning of time the salt and water levels have exactly the same.

This inland saltwater sea is the largest ocean in the western US and is saltier than the oceans?

Great Salt Lake

Why is baltic sea less salty than other seas in the world?

Why the baltic red sea is less saltier than other oceans is because more rivers and streams connect to it and making it less saltier.

Why do some oceans have more salt then others?

Some oceans have more salt then others because every ocean is surrounded by different land masses. The oceans surrounded by landmasses containing more minerals are going to be saltier.

Why does evaporation make ocean water saltier?

because salts are left behind when water evaporates the oceans remain salty

Why is the Arctic Ocean saltier than Oceans further south?

It think that salt stays in the water because it gets frozen.

What keeps the ocean from getting saltier?

well,it can't get more saltier and it can't get less.the denser the water is,the saltier it'll be.the less denser,the less salty it'll be.its the same amount of salt,just different density levels.

Are some oceans saltier than others?

yes because salt comes from rocks, so it depends on the amount of rocks in water

Is the dead sea 8.6 times more salty than the ocean?

The Death Sea is 8.6 times saltier than the oceans.

How moon affect the oceans?

by getting closer to the oceans.

Why is the salinity of the ocean evidence that the earth is not billions of years old?

There is more salt going into the ocean then what is being removed. In the end, then, the oceans are getting saltier an saltier. Suppose we assume that the oceans originally had absolutely no salt in them, and that all of the salt in them today came from the hydrologic cycle. Well, based on the inventory that scientists have done, you can actually determine how long it would take for freshwater oceans to become as salty as they are now. It turns out that the data indicate it would take, at the very most, sixty-two million years to turn from freshwater oceans to salt water oceans with the salinity we see today. This makes it hard to believe the earth is billions of years old, after all, if it were billions of years old, why aren't the oceans a lotsaltier? No one has a convincing answer to that question. Secondly, since the salt water organisms have always been salt water thriving organisms, God made the oceans saltwater.Sources : Exploring Creation with Physical Science

What is saltier the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean?

The Atlantic is saltier

Is the gulf of Mexico saltier than the Atlantic ocean?

it is saltier

Why is the dead sea getting saltier?

Ur silly if you don't know the answer i asked 3 yrs ago

Where is the water saltier on the bottom of the ocean or the top?

It is saltier at the bottom of the ocean because saltier water is more dense and sinks to the ocean floor.

Is the Red Sea saltier than the Dead Sea?

No. The Dead Sea is saltier.

What ocean is saltier Atlantic or pacific?

The Atlantic ocean Is more saltier then the Pacific ocean.

How painful is it to have a saltier fracture?

very painful a saltier fracture is when you dislocate and fracture a bone

How much of the oceans have humans seen and explain?

so dunb