Are organic tampons better than regular ones?

Yes, organic tampons are better than commercial tampons.

Commercial tampons are made from treated and bleached rayon - this is a synthetic fiber made from wood pulp - it's rougher and more aggressively absorbent so causes more tissue damage, loses more fibers than cotton, and is more favourable to bacterial growth so these all add to risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. There are also serious concerns over ingredients used in these type of tampons, as tampon companies don't share ingredient information and are self-tested we don't know the potential health risks but we do know they contain dioxin which is a major health risk.

Organic tampons are made from 100% organic cotton, not treated or bleached - thus less tissue damage, fiber loss, and bacterial growth so lower risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (there has never been a case of TSS with organic tampons), also no potentially harmful ingredients.

Yes they are much better and more hygenic