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Pacific High School does not have any creditable accreditation. Their accrediting agency is NOT recognized by the State of US Dept. of Education. You will not be able to use their diploma for any colleges or employers in the US. Check out the AdvancED website for more details.

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no it's not

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Q: Are pacific high school diplomas acceptable?
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Does Taxes Tech take online high school diplomas?

If you mean Texas Tech, you need to contact them and ask which, if any, online high school diplomas are acceptable. There are many of them that are not generally accepted by any school or employer.

Is Pacific high school a accreited school?

I think you meant 'accredited'. Although it is unclear which pacific school you are particularly talking about; if you are talking about the online high school named Pacific, they claim to be accredited as per their website. Accreditation of school shows that the school curriculum meets the acceptable standards.

Are nation high school diplomas legitimate?

Nation High School offers accredited diplomas. I got this link from google

What does a high school principal say when he is giving out diplomas?


Are k12 online school's diplomas valid to get a job just like a high school diploma?

K12 online school diplomas are only valid when they come from an accredited home school program.

Where can I inquire anything about accredited high school diploma online?

There are many websites, such as and that offer accredited high school diplomas. These diplomas can be earned by doing course work online rather than in person at a school.

Is pacific high school on line is a scam?

Pacific High School is an online school. It is not a scam. Pacific High School is fully accredited. However, there are several complaints against the school.

What colleges accept Southeastern High school online diplomas?

none! sadly

When was Pacific Coast High School created?

Pacific Coast High School was created in 1995.

What is the motto of Pacific Coast High School?

Pacific Coast High School's motto is 'N/a'.

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Pacific Grove High School was created in 1895.

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