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pandas are really gay


A study done in 1979 showed that homosexuality was apparent outside of the human species. Zoologist, Robert P. Golouski monitored a large number of pandas through the months of February to November of 1979. He made reports showing that male pandas were more likely to attempt to mate with another male as is they would normally mate with a female. Males were not the only pandas subject to these tests. In most cases, the female to female percentage was much larger then the male to male. Dr. Golouski's theorized that this "panda homosexuality", is not necessarily the pandas' decision, but more than likely the pandas get confused and do not know what sex to mate with.

Dr. Golouski also theorized that the sex in which a panda mates with is decided early on in its life. He states that the contact the panda receives in the first year it is born has a large impact on what sex the panda will mate with. When a male would spend more time with another male as a young panda, they were 64 percent more likely to mate with another male. Females on the other hand were at a staggering 87 percent when around more females within that first year.


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panda is gay
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Bcs they wanna sck their dcks

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Q: Are pandas gay
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