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It depends on the country in which you live. Some have statutes some do not.

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Q: Are parents responsible for their kids till 21?
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In Nebraska if an eighteen year old moves out of the house how long are the parents responsible for his actions?

As he is still a very much a minor the parents are accountable till he is a adult at the age of 21 years at least.

Is it a law that parents have to care for the child till they are 18?

Parents are responsible for their children until they become adults. In most places that is 18 years old. There are a few places where it is 19 or even 21.

NY is a 21 state where parents are responsible for their children until they are 21?


Are parents responsible for funeral cost of children?

before the age of 21

Can kids go to Dave and busters?

yes but its 21 or over after dark >no, kids can go into Dave and busters but it has to be with parents or you have to be 21 years old.

Are parents still responsible for their 17 year old child who moved out?

Yes, in the United States. The parents are still responsible for their child until they are of legal age which is sometimes 18 or 21.

Are your parents responsible for your education until you are 21?

Parents are not specifically required to provide education, housing and support past the age of 18.

Can a 21 year old be removed from parents home?

Once they are an adult the law says the parents are no longer responsible for them. They can have the child removed.

Are your parents legally responsible for you if you are married and under the age of 21?

No. Marriage is a permanent act of emancipation.

Are parents legally responsible for a 21 year old male?

No he has been on his own since he was 18.

Are parents responsible to provide medical coverage until child is 21?

no they r not responsible at 21 when u turn 18 u are a legal adult so that's when the responsibility goes away

At what age are your parents no longer responsible for you?

The age of majority, which in most places is 18, but could be as high as 21. Until then you have to reside where your parents say.

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