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This bolt is the same one used in the Winchester model 57, 69 and 75 rifles.

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Where are modern Winchester model 70 parts available?

Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.

How do you get replacement parts for a Winchester model 336 30-30?

The Model 336 was not manufactured by Winchester... instead, it is a Marlin made lever-action. Contact Marlin through their website for parts & service. Bert H.

Where can you find parts for a sears 2T 22 rifle Mod 273.27530?

It is the same as a Winchester model 141 and parts are available from Numrich gun parts

Where can I get extractors for a sears and roebuck bolt action 22 model 273.27510 The rifle was made by Winchester it is a model 131?

It is indeed a Winchester 131. You need to check with a gunsmith for parts. gunpartcorp has only the right hand extractor available on their website- sold out of lefthand- but a smith will have other sources.

Where can you get replacement parts for a Sears 2C 22 caliber rifle?

Your Sears Model 2C rifle was made by Winchester as their Model 131. SOME parts are available from Numrich Gun Parts Corp. See link below that will take you to the Numrich catalog for the Winchester 131.

How does the sears model 273.27010 22 cal bolt action rifle eject the shell?

Your rifle was manufactured by Winchester as their model 121. The spent shell is removed from the chamber by action of the right and left extractors and is then bounced out by bumping agains the ejector. Look for problems there. Parts are available from

Are there interchangeable parts for Winchester model 25?

The Winchester model 25 was the non take down version of the Model 12 pump action shotgun.These shotguns were made from 1949-1954.There were only 87,937 shotguns made during this time span.They were chambered in 12 gauge only and were available with either a 26in,or 28in barrel.While this was made as a model 12 non taken down model,one must presume that the ability to interchange parts between the model 12 and model 25 is possible.I would look to Numrich Gun Parts a possible source for these parts.

Where can you get a stock screw for a Winchester Model 60A bolt action rifle?

Numrich gun parts corp.(E-gun

Are parts available for colt peacemaker 22 single action 1972 model?

check with:

Where are parts for a Winchester Ranger model 120 12 GA shot gun available?

mid has what you may need. The model 120 is the same internally as a model 1300, you can download a factory manual from the Winchester website for a 1300 if you need one.

Where can you find the manufacturer and an owners manual for a 22 caliber Sears Model 2C or 173.27510 bolt action rifle?

The Sears 2C was made by Winchester and is basically the same as the Winchester Model 131. Owners manuals might be found online at one of the auction site like eBay or GunBroker. We have parts available.

Where can you get parts for a Winchester Model 140 shotgun?

The model is obsolete, however we have a good supply of parts for that model.

What is the value of a 1917 Winchester us model serial 105282 bolt action?

The Model 1917 U.S. Rifle made by Winchester is worth about $800 to $1000 in excellent condition with all original parts. Much less if it has parts from Remington or Eddystone and has gone through an aresenal refurbish.

Will Winchester 1200 parts fit a model 12?


Can you still get parts for the Winchester model 70?


Will parts for the Winchester model 62 fit the rossi model 62sa?

Not likely

What model is 348 caliber lever action?

The .348 Winchester was introduced in 1936 in the Winchester Model 71 lever action rifle. The Model 71 was the final culmination of the traditional large frame Winchester lever action rifles. Most experts regard it as the best and smoothest of them all. The model 71 was discontinued in 1958. A total of 47,254 Model 71 rifles were produced. The .348 Winchester was the only cartridge for which it was ever chambered. In the late 1970s Browning produced a reproduction of the model 71 in limited quantities which were made in Japan. Most parts are interchangeable with the original Winchesters with the exception of the barrel which has a different threading.

Where can you get a slide action grip 12 gauge model 97 Winchester?

I would start my search at numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

Can you still get parts for the Winchester model 70 7mm?


Where can you purchase a forearm for Winchester 10 ga lever action 1887 model?

your best bet would be numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

Are parts available for a sears bolt action 22 cal model 43 model 1032850 and what is its value and manufacturer?

I am also looking for parts for a J.C.Higgins 22 cal Model 43. I need the complete bolt assembly!

Where can you find parts for a sears roebuck model 53 30-06 springfield?

Winchester, Its a very old Rifle, but the 53 was what turned into the model 70, Hince Winchester Model 53 and some pre64 model 70 parts should fit.

Where do you find information and parts for a Sears Roebuck model 6c 22 cal semi auto rifle?

The sears model 6c-22 was made Winchester/ same as Winchester model#490

What is the mechanical difference between a pre-64 Winchester model 1892 and a pre-64 Winchester model 1894?

None. You can interchange all parts.

Where can i find a parts breakdown fo a model 61 Winchester?

This should help.