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The truth is that some say people are being cloned and others say they aren't. With advances in knowledge of genetics, cloning is certainly possible.

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How meny people have been cloned?

i say about 5 people have been cloned

Should cloned people have rights?

yes, cloned people in Brazil should have equal rights. The same rights that a normal person does.

Has a human being ever been cloned?

yes they have

Can a person be cloned?

As of today, scientists have not cloned any people. They have only cloned animals and are still trying to find the symptoms of cloning. If it is harmless, scientists may start cloning people. If it is harmful, you will not might hear about clones in this world....

Can people have clones?

i dont think soi don't think so because the cloned animals only survive rairly so if its cloned on people no proper growth take place and affect the global warming so . The people can be cloned but it is not so successively carried on so only its not done

What might be a problem for being cloned and what would be the benefits of being cloned?

Well one of the benefits of being cloned can be if you are tired of work and school then you can have your clone go instead of you. Or the problem of cloning can be either if u come out a baby then u have no hope to count on that baby or either if the clone doesnt come out excactly like u because the machine can have problems...

How much of the food on the market is cloned food?

The only people who would have even a semi-accurate account of the amount of cloned food that is being sold today are the companies who are putting it there and government agencies who are allowing them to do it. Cloned food is a lot like genfoods (foods containing ingredients from genetically modified plants or animals). By the time the word about GMOs in the foods we buy at the supermarkets got out to the masses, GMOs were ingredients in almost all processed foods. It will be the same for cloned foods unless enough people speak out against it NOW.

What plant was cloned in 1956?

very high chance of it being the AUTOFLOWER MARIJUANA

Why did people start to clone?

no human has been cloned to date.

How many things have scientists cloned?

126 animals no people 126 animals no people

Can clones be cloned?

Yes a clone can be cloned

If Pokemon events are cloned do they count as being hacked?

no but they have more of a chance of wrecking your game

Is human cloning being performed today?

No. But sheep and other animals have been cloned.

Was cloning successful?

We as humans have successfully cloned a sheep I am sure the name 'Dolly' comes to mind. But as for cloning another human being; ethics has gotten in the way of such an achievement, but it IS possible.but scientists observed that a cloned being is prone to infections and diseases..

Should humans be cloned?

no person should be cloned

How were the first cows cloned?

The information is unknown how the first cloned cow was made. The first known cloned cow was named Gene and was cloned on February 7, 1997.

What year was the first clone cloned?

The first cloned organism was a sea urchin, in the late 1800's, by Hans Driech. the first cloned mammal however wasn't cloned until 1986, when scientists succesfully cloned a cow embryo.

What were the first cloned organisms?

In 1952, leopard frogs were successfully cloned. The first cloned mammal was Dolly (a sheep) in 1996, followed by a cloned mule and a horse, Prometea, in 2003. In 2007, a lab in the Philippines announced a cloned water buffalo.

Can extinct animals be cloned?

There are efforts to clone a few, now in Australia, the thylacine is being tried.

Why haven't humans been cloned?

cause we can't clone people yet

Who are the people who cloned the first mammal in 1986?

Chaylakhyan, Veprencev, Sviridova, and Nikitin

Was someone ever cloned?

no human has ever been cloned.

What is the name of the first cloned mammal?

Dolly-she was a cloned sheep.

In what year did dolly get cloned?

Dolly was cloned in 1996 and was the first cloned mammal. Dolly died in 2003 at the age of six.

Have they ever cloned a animal?

Yes, they have cloned a few animals starting at 1952. The world's first cloned animal was a tadpole.