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Are people who had healthy childhoods less likely to cheat?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-25 20:14:41

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I had the best child hood in my opinion, and while I have good values in every other area, I have cheated on my past relationships. I always broke up with them when I knew it wouldn't work out and I was being untrue. NOW, I have found the one I truly love, and wouldn't even think about being unfaithful. To me, everyone needs to feel wanted and have excitement in their relationship, and if I wasn't getting enough attention, I would seek it from somewhere else.

2006-08-25 20:14:41
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Q: Are people who had healthy childhoods less likely to cheat?
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Are people who had a healthy childhood less likely to cheat?

know it dosent matter if somebody is cheating then break up with the person try you will see trust me. =Answer= Yes, in many cases it does. If the parents have a healthy marriage (every couple can have the odd battle of wills) and the family unity is strong and the parents instill in their children the importance of relationships whether married or not then it's far less likely the children will grow up to be dishonest or cheat on their mate. My father was an alcoholic, but neither of my parents cheated on one another and those were the days when you toughed it out. Right or wrong, if you feel you can't handle the relationship you are in (no matter what the reason) it's best to be honest with your partner and there are absolutely no excuses for cheating.

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