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tandia belongs to scheduled tribes

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โˆ™ 2021-04-29 07:53:56
Tandia Surname in odisha is which caste ?
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Subh Mohanty

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โˆ™ 2021-04-29 07:54:33
Tandia surname in odisha. They are General, ST, SC or OBC ?
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Yes . In Odisha. Tandia surname is used by GANDA caste people only.

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Q: Are people with surname tandia scheduled caste?
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Are people with surname surti scheduled caste?

people with surname surti are not sheduled caste they are of forward class.

What is the caste of people having surname sarangal?

punjabi scheduled caste

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i believe kalsi is from the ramghuria caste??

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The Boudh caste of the Mahar (Dalit) community. It is a scheduled caste.

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Scheduled Caste (SC)

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no they are not sc...mostly they are obc

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scheduled caste

Are people with jadhav surname scheduled caste?

People with "jadhav" surname are 96K. But recently some reserved class have started using this surname

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In Rajasthan, Mithas are followers of jain religion. They are traders and not scheduled castes.

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Scheduled Caste

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Lal is generally used as a middle name it does not determine caste. Some kayastha also use it as a surname , They are not scheduled caste . It is also used by some Punjabis or sikhs, they might spell it as Lall or Lal

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No, Mahato are kshatriya by caste

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Jakhu is a sub-caste under scheduled castes

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Scheduled Caste

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The people with surname kaushik are brahmins. Kaushik itself a gotra in the brahmin community. Kaushik is also a very high profile caste of brahmin community .

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scheduled tribes

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scheduled caste or SC

Does the surname 'biswas' belongs to schedule caste or tribe?

yes ! the bangali surname " BISWAS" belongs to "SCHEDULED CASTE" categories.