Are physical and verbal withdrawal narcissistic traits?

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Withdrawal, withholding, and the "silent treatment" are classic abuse techniques.
Absolutely, this is narcissism at its finest. I have been told that if that type of manipulation occurs then "run away, run far away ... never look back." I know you don't ask this question for relationship advice but I have to say, if you are not married to this person, then don't place yourself in any more misery. It's time for you to take control of your life. You deserve much better.  
"I'm ignoring you. I'm ingoring you. im' ignoring you."
If a narc hangs out to convey message to you that they are ignoring you, then they really aren't ignoring you.... now are they?
How ironice is that. They communicate that they aren't communicating. What a paradox.
This is when you want them to just leave. To truly ignore is to get out of your face and give you some peace and let you move on.
What is this "quasi...I'm here but I'm not" thing that they do. Gaslighting?
ignore them back. Dont' let them get to you.

Omg! I never knew such people existed. I wish I would have read up on it six yrs. ago. Unfortunately, we have a child together and now have to deal with him for the rest of my life. We are no longer together but he contacts our child every once in a while. She is only 5 and he contacted her just to give her a guilt trip about her not wanting to talk to him on the phone when he does decide to call. She doesn't care to talk to him since he's never really been in the picture. When I told him she didn't care to talk to him EVERYDAY, he took it to the extreme and quit calling her completely, giving her the same "silent treatment" he used to give me. Unfortunately for him, it doesn't even faze her since he's never been consistent about anything in her short life anyway. We're going to court soon to set up visitations. I'm dreading having to "share her" with him. Does anyone have any thoughts on him actually keeping up with his "visitation rights"? He's seen her twice in a yr. Both times to introduce her to his new girlfriends (accusing me of keeping her from him which is an outright lie!)
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Is reluctant reconciliation a narcissist trait?

Because he wasn't sure that he has secured a substitute. Nasrcissists drop their current sources of supply (devalue and discard) ONLY when they have an alternative ready. Narcissists are addicted to a drug known as "Narcissistic Supply". Attention (good OR bad), adulation, applause, fame, celebrity, ( Full Answer )

Is self-centered possessiveness a narcissistic trait?

\n. \nPossessiveness and self-centeredness are not the same thing.\n. \n. \n. \nInanimate objects serve as Sources of Narcissistic Supply.\n. \n. \n. \nThey attract people's attention and admiration. This is why narcissists are enamoured of status symbols, i.e., objects, which make others loo ( Full Answer )

What are the traits of a narcissist?

Traits of a Narcissist Narcissistic traits include: . being argumentative, . arrogant . conceited . vain . fretful . frustrated/idle . fluctuating between superior and inferior. . They have an unusual obsession with appearances. . In partners they go for a mirror image of themselves se ( Full Answer )

Will you be drawn to narcissists if your father had narcissistic traits?

Answer . That you should recreate with other people your relationship with an abusive or narcissistic (or both) father (or mother)- is not an iron-clad and inescapable rule!. Some people do, though.Inverted Narcissism is not a recognized mental health category (though it was proposed, under diff ( Full Answer )

Are most narcissists physically attractive and know it?

Answer . \nNarcissists can be male or female or attractive or unattractive. They act as if they are the best thing ever and the center of the universe whether they are attractive or not. \n. \nA person could be physically attractive and realize it but not be a narcissist. After all, models kn ( Full Answer )

What are the traits of a narcissist as a boss?

Answer . He or She seeks to interact with people from a position of authority, advantage, or superiority.They take pleasure from their power over other people.

What traits would disprove that someone has narcissistic personality disorder?

Answer . It's difficult to prove a negative. If a narcissist finds out some of those characteristics, all he has to do is be a good actor.\n. \n Answer . Not being a narcissist is the only quality one could have to prove one is not a narcissist. \nThere is no act a person can perform or on ( Full Answer )

What are the traits of a narcissistic man?

Stay away from narcissistic man . \nHe will have a sense of self-importance and will tend to exaggerate his achievements and talents. He will have a great need for admiration and will likely be preoccupied with fantasies of success and power. He will tend to believe that he is "special" and uniqu ( Full Answer )

Is it possible the son of a narcissist only has some narcissistic traits and therefore is not really a narcissist?

Answer . \nEveryone has some degree of narcisistic tendencies. What you are refering to is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). It isn't really important whether someone does or does not technically has this because it isn't black and white; it is a continuum. If your narcissistic traits ( Full Answer )

Why do you feel very sorry for your ex-Narcissist who verbally and emotionally abused you?

Answer . \nI just ended my abusive relationship with a Narcissist. I do feel sorry for him, because he is mentally ill. Because he will never be able to love in a normal sense. But I am really trying not to confuse that with the fact that he is a dangerous person to those of us who can love nor ( Full Answer )

Is it a common trait for a narcissist to be money hungry?

Oh yes ! My ex N is a con man and is now with a very unattractive, overweight woman who supports him financially.\n. \n. \n answer \n. \nI discovered my N was stealing money from me. He was very preoccupied with my money and liked to tell me how I should spend it. He would caution me against an ( Full Answer )

Why is it that all narcissists have so many personality traits in common?

Because they are narcissists. Answer To be a Narcissist in the strictest sense, one would have to fit five of the eight criteria for having the Narcissistic personality disorder. I believe this is explained in depth in the very first FAQ "What is a Narcissist?" Even then some of their quirks and n ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between NPD and having narcissistic traits?

Answer . I would say that all of us have narcissistic traits. To me, having NPD means that you are non-human. You lack empathy, and you are unable to understand the feelings of others. If you have narcissistic traits you still have the ability to love others and regard their feelings as important ( Full Answer )

What are physical traits?

Physical Traits are traits that you see right off. For example,your eye color, hair color, your nose shape etc.

Can verbal abuse cause physical pain?

Answer . Well of course, verbal abuse always results in stress and stress causes many physical problems, heart attacks even. Also, NO ONE deserves any sort of abuse and having been in both types of realationships I would honestly say it is harder to deal, long term at least, with verbal (m ( Full Answer )

Traits of a narcissist?

Vanity, hatful, thinking that they are better than everyone els, and can't stop looking in the mirror, sometimes they kiss their own reflection

What are the traits of narcissistic women?

These women are bullies, extremely jealous, which they project onto their victims. They get their kicks from punishing and abusing their victims.Usually a weak person. They have no remorse. They need a victim who will listen to their constant dreams. We need a law to section these women if not for t ( Full Answer )

What were the narcissistic traits of Elvis Presley?

Narcissistic rage when feeling humiliated. Priscilla reveals in her autobiography how stunned she was whenever she playfully threw a pillow at him or slapped him - he beat her up in a frenzy. This is classic narcissistic behaviour of one who is generally regarded by outsiders to be a "really nice gu ( Full Answer )

Can a person have both narcissistic and histrionic personality disorder traits?

The apparently independent categories and diagnoses in any of the diagnostic systems (DSM or ICD) are for the sake of research/clarity. In real life, however, people, their illnesses, their normality and their traits exist on a continuum: that is there is no clear cut boundary between anything and a ( Full Answer )

Are narcissists prone to physical violence?

Narcissists rarely fight physically because they are afraid of getting hurt. They primarily engage in verbal abuse and "gaslighting". However, if they are really threatened, they may burst out physically, but expect pushing, throwing, and "girl'type" fighting. A narcissisist will rarely engage in a ( Full Answer )

What is physical trait?

1. A distinguishing feature, as of a person's character. See Synonyms at quality.. 2. A genetically determined characteristic or condition: a recessive trait.. 3. a. A stroke with or as if with a pencil.. b. A slight degree or amount, as of a quality; a touch or trace: a sermon with a trait of h ( Full Answer )

Would a narcissist physically hurt you?

yes they do mine assaulted me 3 times last time strangling me going through a court case at the moment anyone know what to expect from a narcissist in the court room who is pleading not guilty and you having to testify

What is a physical trait?

A physical TRAIT is a characteristic of an individual. For example, a red headed girl who stays out in the sun a lot might develop a physical trait of freckles. And a woman who overeats could well develop obseity as an unfortunate physical trait. A person who works out regularly at a fitness center ( Full Answer )

How does a narcissist react to physical pain?

Narcissist's react to pain as if it consumes their life and everyone must be aware of their pain and adhere to their every beck and call. Usually they try to recify their reaction to pain by trying to over exagerate their illness or make it sound worst than it acually is. I live with one and someone ( Full Answer )

Will a narcissist physically hurt you?

Absolutely yes. They are bullies and stalkers but there is no concrete proof that I know of that they they are more sucesptible that "other" normal people to violence, they do likea mind games and can drive someone to the point of suicide and beyond with a great deal of satisfaction.. FBI REPORT 50 ( Full Answer )

What are the physical effects of child verbal abuse?

there may be no physical effects.but the child or person may become a child filled with hatred. a child who may be easily angered or very sensitive.i was a victim of verbal abuse and im a mixture of both.

What if your friend is a therapist and you noticed narcissistic traits in her what do i do?

Leave it alone. You aren't a therapist. Everyone has something; we all could benefit from therapy. You can gently try and point out that not everything is about her - but I was married to someone like this. Believe me, he didn't get it and neither will she. If you want to maintain the friendship eve ( Full Answer )

List the traits displayed by narcissistic teachers?

The narcissistic teacher:. The narcissistic teacher thinks everyone is the same type learner she is. Students fail her class because she doesn't know or care how to motivate them. She favors students who give copious compliments to her. She doesn't like attractive girls unless they participate in h ( Full Answer )

What is a verbal or physical attack?

A verbal attack is when you are speaking to someone in a rude way and calling them names, things like that. A physical attack is when you hit that person and physically harm them.

How can I get over the physical withdrawals of heroin?

The only way to get rid of the physical withdrawal symptoms (besides taking more heroin) is to take methadone or Suboxone. These drugs are opiates themselves, just like heroin, but they won't get you high. They will feed your physical dependency on opiates, so you can quit getting high without suffe ( Full Answer )

How can you counter narcissistic traits in your children?

My advise is DONT try and counter childhood narcissism. Children need training in empathy. They dont naturally know what is acceptable behavior and what is not. As a parent good behavior should be rewarded, bad behavior should be explained and sanctions emposed if it is repetative. No hitting, no na ( Full Answer )

What is physical and verbal bullying?

Physical Bullying One of the three types of bullying is physical bullying. Physical bullying is a real bodily contact between a bully and his of her victims. It includes hitting, kicking, slapping, pinching, biting, poking and choking. It also includes destroying personal belongings. Verbal Bullyi ( Full Answer )

How can you stay married to a narcissist when you are starting to develop the same traits?

If you think that you are developing the same traits then it is time to GET OUT! If you can see this then you have waited far too long and you have to make a move. Surely, you do not want to be like this person or whatever they are. You do not want to be a carbon copy of this narc as you then will ( Full Answer )

Why would a narcissist withdraw?

They could be withdrawing due to lack of sufficient 'juice' from the current relationship. They cannot stand neediness/weakness and lack empathy, so if you follow the 'normal' course in a relationship and ask for assurance, this could cause them to withdraw/breakup. (At least in my case) Good riddan ( Full Answer )

What should you do when your dad physically and verbally abuses you?

Regular physical abuse from anyone is not acceptable, contact the police. _________________ Other options: Contact the child welfare branch of your state government. If you don't know what it's called, any school counselor will know, and your medical doctor will know, too. Here in Rhode Island ( Full Answer )

Is lack of empathy for others a narcissistic trait?

Yes, they show no empathy for others.. Lack of empathy is one of the most striking and troublesome of all the narcissistic traits. They do not recognize the pain they inflict on others. They do not pay any attention to the problems, perceptions, feelings, or needs of others. When their own performa ( Full Answer )

Is stalking a narcissistic trait?

Yes. Since Narcissists (and Psychopaths) consider others as OBJECTS, even after they discard you they still consider you their property. Stalking, even years later, can & does happen.

Is it weird to have a fight with yourself not physical but verbal?

Actually everyone does this in one form or another. There are even cartoons about it with an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. The thing is, usually the real you knows the right answer so I usually figure that if I am arging with myself, I'm about to screw up. I stop arguig and go wi ( Full Answer )

What is a physical withdrawal?

Physical withdrawal symptoms are the bodily reactions that occur when the brain is suddenly deprived of a substance to which it has become habituated or addicted. Physical withdrawal is generally the relatively short and intense early stage of withdrawal, and it can be evidenced by anything from acu ( Full Answer )

What does God think about physical and verbal assault?

if you trust your god you wont say something like that , God knows what is he doing and how do u think people are gonna answer this huh!? do they know better do they know what is going on !

What is worse physical or verbal bullying?

Physical bullying may often feel like it's the worst form ofbullying but verbal bullying has been known to cause many mentalproblems in the victim as well as pushing towards suicide.