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Withdrawal, withholding, and the "silent treatment" are classic abuse techniques.

Absolutely, this is Narcissism at its finest. I have been told that if that type of manipulation occurs then "run away, run far away ... never look back." I know you don't ask this question for relationship advice but I have to say, if you are not married to this person, then don't place yourself in any more misery. It's time for you to take control of your life. You deserve much better.

"I'm ignoring you. I'm ingoring you. im' ignoring you."

If a narc hangs out to convey message to you that they are ignoring you, then they really aren't ignoring you.... now are they?

How ironice is that. They communicate that they aren't communicating. What a paradox.

This is when you want them to just leave. To truly ignore is to get out of your face and give you some peace and let you move on.

What is this "quasi...I'm here but I'm not" thing that they do. Gaslighting?

ignore them back. Dont' let them get to you.

Omg! I never knew such people existed. I wish I would have read up on it six yrs. ago. Unfortunately, we have a child together and now have to deal with him for the rest of my life. We are no longer together but he contacts our child every once in a while. She is only 5 and he contacted her just to give her a guilt trip about her not wanting to talk to him on the phone when he does decide to call. She doesn't care to talk to him since he's never really been in the picture. When I told him she didn't care to talk to him EVERYDAY, he took it to the extreme and quit calling her completely, giving her the same "silent treatment" he used to give me. Unfortunately for him, it doesn't even faze her since he's never been consistent about anything in her short life anyway. We're going to court soon to set up visitations. I'm dreading having to "share her" with him. Does anyone have any thoughts on him actually keeping up with his "visitation rights"? He's seen her twice in a yr. Both times to introduce her to his new girlfriends (accusing me of keeping her from him which is an outright lie!)

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Q: Are physical and verbal withdrawal narcissistic traits?
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