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Are planes safer than boats?

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well there have been more plane crashes then boat sinks so I think planes will get you there way faster but boats will take much longer

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What are safer boats or planes?

Statistics show that planes are a safer mode of transportation due to regulation, testing, and materials. They also have many experienced and trained pilots and workers.

Are normal planes safer than airbuses?


Are hot air balloons safer than planes?


Are Boeing planes safer than Airbus?


Are Airbus planes safer than mcdonnelldouglas?

Airbus, of course, contends that they are safer than any other aircraft. This has yet to be proven.

Are planes safer than helicopters?

Helicopters are generally more dangerous than aeroplanes.

What are safer boats or cars?

There are far more car accidents than boating or shipping accidents. Though, of course, there are far more cars and passengers than boats and crews. Even taking this into account and the mileage travelled by each, boats are much safer.

Are zppelins safer than planes?

No, percentage wise, they have had far more accidents than airplanes

Did Japan use boats or planes to attack Pearl Harbor?

Planes launched from boats

Are planes scary?

research shows that it is safer to fly in a plane than drive in a car but planes crash way to often!

Does France have boats and planes?

Yes. France has boats and planes!the clue is in the airline 'Air France'

Are boats safer than planes?

No because an alligator could come and eat it or a shark or me. but actually I think they are equal because a bird could fly into the plane or the plane could crash and your could die. SO you better walk to where you want to go. So your safer off that way.

Are private planes safer than commercial ones?

I would say that it all depends on the proper maintenance they receive. No, the safety record of private planes is slightly lower than that of commercial planes. But, they are still extremely safe.

What is better Chinatown wars or vice cty?

I don't know how cool china town wars is but if you cant get boats and planes than I don't think it's all that cool. Because on vice city you can get boats and planes.

Which makes more pollution boats or planes?

Boats cause more pollution than Jets, they burn Bunker Fuel which emits a lot more harmful products than Kerosene

How did Romans trade?

they used boats planes

How did the Germans migrate to the us?

in boats and planes

How do you get to Arkansas?

Cars,Trains,Planes and Boats...

How do people travel in Haiti?


What are the properties uses of titanium?

boats and planes

Are cars safer than planes?

Not at all - look at how many accidents happen with cars compared to planes. It doesn't matter what causes it - more people still die in cars.

Why are boats and planes streamlined?

The bodies of planes and boats are streamlined so that they experience minimum amount of friction while moving through air and water, respectively.

Are mostly planes lost in the Bermuda triangle?

no not just planes most of them are ships,planes,boats and many other things

Is it safer to fly than take a train?

No, not necessarily. Most of the time, you hear about more planes crashing than trains running off the tracks.

Why do we have planes?

because planes are fast and they can go to place that boats, cars, ect. can not. and for quicker transportation

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