Are polar bear testicles covered with fur?

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Yes they are. They're also closer up into the body so that they stay warm and don't get frost bite during the coldest days of the Arctic winter.
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Why do polar bears have white fur?

Polar bears do not have white fur, but semi-transparent fur. The polar bear's fur seems colourless and for many years, scientists worked on the theory that the individual hairs act as fiber optics bringing sunlight directly to the skin. This has recently been proven to be incorrect, and the hairs ar ( Full Answer )

Why do polar bears have fur?

Polar bears have fur to keep themselves warm. Underneath is lots of fatty tissue and thick fur. If they didn't have it then they wouldn't be able to adapt to their environment and would freeze. The fur acts as a barrier between their skin and the water and helps them survive the brutal winds, freezi ( Full Answer )

What color is polar bears fur?

The color of a polar bear's fur can vary. Colors vary from pure white, to a yellow-like hue. The outer hair is clear. (their skin is black) The fur, which appears to be white, is actually made up of almostcolorless, almost transparent hairs. However, the hairs are notfully transparent. They cont ( Full Answer )

How can Polar Bears have clear fur?

Polar bear skin is black and the fur is actually clear, lacking in pigment. The white appearance is the result of light being refracted from the clear hair strands.

What kind of fur does a polar bear have?

Polar bears have translucent guard hairs. They are shaped like hollow tubes. They are between 5 to 15 cm long. Underneath the guard hairs is a thick insulating undercoat. They have stiff hairs on the bottoms of their paws that aid with traction when walking on ice. The males also have ornamental hai ( Full Answer )

Why do polar bears have thick fur?

They live in the arctic where it is cold in the winter, the fur keeps them from freezing to death. the thick fur traps the heat between the layers of the fur Polar bears have thick fur because they live in arctic climates, which, is obviously cold. So, their thick fur helps keep them warm. Because t ( Full Answer )

Why do polar bears have so much fur?

Polar bears need much fur to keep warm in the cold artic. This is why polar bears are adapted to the artic. Because they have so much fur to use for such cold weather.

Why do polar bears cover their noses?

An ancient legend spoken by Inuit hunters, saying the bear doesthis because their nose is black, which stands out against thetundra and can be seen by its prey. In Arctic Dreams byBarry Lopez, he describes the Polar Bear's behavior of coveringtheir nose when stalking a seal. Most scientists howeve ( Full Answer )

Do polar bears have white fur?

The fur of a polar bear is semi-transparent, and actually looks yellow up close, but the snow makes it look white. This doesn't exactly mean that a polar bear would look green if it lived in a grassy area, though.

Do polar bears have thick fur?

Polar bears have thick fur so they can live in the cold of the arctic and swim in the icy sea. They also have a thick layer of insulating fat beneath their skin.

Why does polar bear have thick fur?

To protect it from extreme conditions of weather. If it didn't it would easily get too cold and probably die out, then there wouldn't be any Polar Bears! Thanks.

Do polar bears have brown fur?

True polar bears , have what looks like white or off white fur, but the individual hairs are almost clear, and their skin is dark brown. This oddity works to help transfer sunlight to the skin to aid in warming, along with the layer of fat under the skin.

What type of fur does the polar bear have?

The individual hairs of their fur are clear and not white, they just look white due to light reflection and the white environment. The hairs are also hollow to hold air that helps insulate from the cold. Their skin is black which allows the sunlight that reaches the skin through the clear fur to be ( Full Answer )

What is special about polar bear fur?

a polar bears skin is special because it looks white but its skin is really black, it is just the light that reflects off the polar bear that makes it look white

How does a polar bear fur acts as an insulator?

It is not the fur that insulates the polar bear. The polar bear's skin is black, so it absorbs heat and keeps heat inside the body. The white fur is merely for camouflage.

What covering does a polar bear have?

the polar bear has a fur covering of which most people think is white, but actually it is transparent, and they have lots of it so it looks white! have a nice day x

Do more polar bears die in global warming or for their fur?

It's difficult to get an exact figure for all polar bear numbers but some bears are almost definitely dying, or fewer cubs are being born, because of global warming. Rising temperatures cause Arctic sea ice to melt earlier in the year, so the bears are driven to go ashore without sufficient ( Full Answer )

Why do people want polar bears fur?

peole want polar bear's fur because it can be used for rugs or very warm coats and the white color makes the fur verry stylish.

Why do polar bears have long fur?

too keeep theem waarm They evolved long fur to adapt to their cold climate. Longer and denser fur is more insulating.

Why does a polar bear have greasy fur?

Its greasy fur is water-repellent, and so it reduces heat loss by cooling through evaporation. (Water requires energy from the skin to evaporate).

Do polar bears have rough fur?

No, unless they were just swimming and it the ice on the tips froze. But when warm the fur should be very soft and plush.

Why polar bears have fur on their body?

They are mammals and mammals have fur on the body. And also, the fur on them is too keep themselves warm at arctic regions because these regions too cold regions

Are polar bears poached for their fur?

Kind of. It's also for taxidermy. Poaching is the act of illegal hunting and yet people still do it. They are not supposed to and are usually arrested for doing it if caught. People also do it to make others mad and for money.

Why is the skin beneath the fur of a polar bear black?

Because when the sun hits the fur of the polar bear, the white fur almost transparent therefore amplifying the heat of the sun's rays and eventually making the skin black. Or.. sine the polar has white fur, and the bear needs to stay warm, its' skin is black to absorb the heat of the sun.

Is polar bear fur see-through?

although underneath a polar bears's fur their actual skin is black , yes polar bear's fur is see through.

How does the fur of the polar bear keep it warm?

The fur of a polar bear helps to keep it warm by keeping the warm air on its body. This keeps the heat in, and allows the bear to remain warm without losing body heat.