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Yes, and they are not necessarly nice toward human beings; unlike most other bears, polar bears can be oriented toward human meat. Meaning, it is best not to mess around with polar bears, and they dont do flight at coins in pepsi cans....the bear rattle is not going to work with most polar bears; it works with most other bears. See: bears and eatting small girls, etc.

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What are the top predators in the Arctic?

Polar bears and Arctic wolves are the top predators in the Arctic.

Are polar bears enemies or predators?


Are polar bears predator or prey?

Polar bears are usually considered to be predators but are occasionally preyed on by orcas.

Who are the predators of a seal?

Killer whales and polar bears are two main predators.

Why are seals a polar bear's favorite food.?

because the seals are one of the main mammals in the area of the polar bear and they are easy to capture and they are not polar bears predators ( predators means where its the polar bears food not a polar bears eater)

Why polar bears are dangerous?

Polar bears are large, unpredictable predators, and can easily kill a human.

What animals are killing polar bears?

People. Polar bears are top predators in their environment otherwise.

What are the predators of a polar bear?

Orcas are known to occasionally kill and eat swimming polar bears.

What are predators of polar bears?

Polar bears don't really have any predators, although killer whales are known to prey on and eat polar bears. Humans are also predators of polar bears, though most often the tables can turn if a human is not armed with a weapon and makes a foolish decision to run for their life instead of standing still!

What predators are in Canada?

There are several predators that live in Canada. These predators include polar bears, brown bears, black bears, cougars, gray wolves, coyotes, and wolverines.

What are the predators of the arctic white fox?

polar bears.

What are yellow eyed penguins predators?

polar bears

Are polar bears prey?

They are not prey, they are apex predators.

What are narwhals' predators?

Polar Bears and Orcas

What do wolves and polar bears have in common?

Both are predators.

What are predators of a walrus?

Killer whales and polar bears

What are the Arctic fox's predators?

Predators of the arctic fox include tundra wolves and sometimes polar bears.Young pups can be snatched away by snowy owls and golden eagles.wolves, polar bears, owls and eaglespolar bears, golden eagles, men, red foxes, and wolf packsredfoxes and eaglesArctic foxes don't usually have predators, however polar bears may kill them.Their main predators are the polar bear and wolf. When pups are young, however, owls and eagles are their predators as well. and bears can eat them too

What preys upon polar bears?

Polar bears are apex predators. Only humans regularly hunt and kill them.

What do polar bears do when they beg for food?

Polar bears are the largest terrestrial predators walking the Earth today. They do not beg for food.

What are gray seals Predators?

predators include sharks, killer whales and polar bears

What are scarlet king snake's predators?

polar bears :p

Does the Arctic wolf have any predators?

Polar Bears and Humans.

What are predators of Arctic foxes?

it predidtor is a wolves and polar bears

Does a polar bear have any defenses against its predators?

Polar bears are apex predators, not prey. They have enough defenses against other bears plus tools necessary to catch prey.

Why do polar bears have forward facing eyes?

polar bears have forward facing eyes because they are predators and it helps them to focus on their prey.

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