Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Are radios interchangeable between 1995 and 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee ltd?


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Yes, to a point. Regular radios will interchange but the infinity units have a different bolt pattern. The wiring on all is interchangeable.

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If you are asking about rear axle gears, no. The XJ has a corporate axle and the ZJ has a Dana axle.

The most compatible and completely interchangeable transmission that can be used with a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited is the 45RFE transmission. This is from a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Only this model year is compatible with the 1999 model year as the vehicles shared 127 of the exact same parts.

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The only differences are between a regular Cherokee and a Grand Cherokee.

Yes it will the only thing that changed from 94 to 98 was the placement of the foglights, placement of some badging and the interior was revised. All the suspension and drivetrain parts are interchangeable.

The XJ body Cherokee is the more square bodied Jeep. The ZJ or WJ is the more rounder Grand Cherokee.

No they are not the same transmissions they will not mount to the motors properly but you can buy adapter kits to make them fit, here is the problem you have to make sure that the wiring harnesses will interchange 97 - 01 it is a long shot in the dark.

no, the Cherokee and grand Cherokee are different vehicles

No such part on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee.No such part on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Grand Cherokee did not exist until the 1993 model year.

Jeep Grand Cherokee was created in 1993.

not many.suspension wheels brakes all different engine swap not emmisions legal.not interior.i would say no.

It most likely will, grand Cherokees didn't change much those years. As long as they are both grand Cherokees, and as long as one isn't a Cherokee and the other is a grand Cherokee.

A seat from a 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee is what fits in a 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee.

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