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Red-eared sliders are one of the most common types of turtles found in the pet trade, but ... are good for young turtles, but as red eared sliders mature ... more like indoor ... yes they are good indoor pets

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What are Good names for red eared slider?

good names for a red eared slider should be based on their personality/what they're like. hope this helped.

What small turtles make good pets?

red eared slider turtles make good pets.

What is a good name for a red-eared slider?

michealangelo , leonardo, donnatello, rafeale

Does the red eared turtle eat fish?

Yes. The most common fish a Red Eared Slider will eat is Commet Goldfish. Red eared sliders will eat fish, but fish are full of worms and parasites which will contaminate your filter. For an indoor slider I suggest only pellets and veggies. Plus they eat parts of the fish and the rest you would have to clean out right away. My slider loves just his pellets, he snubs romaine lettuce and any other veggie I have tried. Ice berg lettuce is not good for sliders either. I have a 4 year old slider that is 5 inches long he is in a 40 gallon tank alone.

How big is a red eared slider turtle going to grow?

A Red Eared Slider Turtle will grow to be approximately 7-12 inches depending on gender. Females are often 10-12 inches (25-30.5 cm), while males are 7-9 inches (17.8-22.8 cm). A good website to checkout for more information on the Red Eared Slider Turtle is included in the related links.

Why did my two other red eared sliders eat the eyes of my small 4 year old red eared slider?

Red Eared sliders are aggressive over food, territory mates, etc. Most likely it was due to that aggression. I would suggest separating the sliders and taking the injured slider a vet. Good Luck!

Can you use a fish tank for a red eared slider turtle?

yes you can, but make sure you have a good filtering system and lighting, 10 or 20 gallon should work fine for a slider

What else can live in a tank with a red eared slider turtle?

Almost any fish but not goldfish. Goldfish are good feed for turtles

How much do Red-eared Slider cost?

A good price would be around 5$ and that would be at like a flea market

Can red eared slider turtle eat goldfish?

These turtles eat just about anything they can get their mouths around. But they shouldn't eat goldfish because they are not good for the turtles.

How big does a pastel red ear slider get?

Same as a regular Red Eared Slider. The average male is 7-9in, and the females 8-12. A good care sheet as well as housing tips and such can be found at Austins Turtle Page.

If you are getting a red eared slider turtle in a couple of days is there anything you need to know about it?

Yes I'm not sure exactly what but this website looks good http://www.redearslider.com/

Is it natural for your Red Eared Slider to lose it's red ears?

no. It could be a possible skin infection. take it to the vet immediately or give it to someone who can provide it a good home.

What do baby red-eared slider eat?

You can purchase a good quality turtle food and/or leafy greens. You can allow the greens to float in the water. The turtles will bite off of it.

Are red eared slider turtles better pets than painted turtles?

Actually, both are really good pets. You just need a proper set-up for the turtle. ( Whether it be a Map Turtle or a Snapping Turtle.)

How many days can a red eared slider stay hungry?

I really don't know. All I can tell you is that we thought ours had escaped for about two weeks and then found that he hadn't. He is still alive but is VERY close to death. If you have a Red Eared Slider that is close to starvation, you can shred some carrots and then wet them and then give them to him/her. They will also eat dead insects of alive ones. I gave mine a dead grub...at least I think it was dead... I hope this helped. Good luck with your turtle!

What is the diet of Red Eared Slider turtles?

You can feed them a green pellety food, and feeder fish are good for them too, that is all i know im not sure if they can eat fruits and veggies though, my sister just feeds them the pellets and fish

How long can a baby red-eared slider turtle live under water?

Baby red-eared sliders... well for starters, don't worry about them drowning underwater. Just give them enough water so that their head is above the water. As long as they have some rocks on the side so that they can bask, you're good. =) Source: experience

Are red eared turtles and painted turtles compatible in captivity?

Hi there, Most turtles are good together like mine, i have a RES and a yellow bellied slider and they are great together! Bugzly12 - hope you have a great time and hope you can answer some of my questions!! :)

Can a red eared slider be owned by a child?

Yes, red-eared sliders make good pets for children, because they require less maintenance and responsibility than a cat or dog. But make sure the child knows not to kiss or lick the turtle, and to wash their hands before and after touching it. Turtles can carry diseases like salmonella, and they can also get sick from the germs humans carry.

Do you cut a red eared slider nails?

Yes you can. Just not to far down b/c they have somthing like veins in their nails and if you cut to far they will bleed. If you are not sure how far to cut them, then I would take your turtle to your local pet store! Good luck!

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Lasko makes very good indoor space heaters that can easily heat a full bedroom.

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