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Are sea rats really fierce?


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Sea rat vary fearce. but not as fearce as Turkish rat (which is fearcest rat from the family of rats called Artimus Tamburius)


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Sea rats are fierce the way they tear through a ships cargo. Turkish rats are the most fierce rats in the world.

YES they do act this way because at sea they have to be tough and huge

No there are fiercer rats than sea rats, but sea rats are fierce the way they tear through ship cargo. But when that doesn't satisfy, they eat the crew or any animals aboard.

Rats truly can be as fierce, knowledgeable, and vengeful as some people say they are. These animals can develop a very mean personality if hungry, hurt, or sick.

In the book : Mrs.Frisby and the rats of NIMH, Dragon is the big fierce cat.

All rats, in the sense of the word are 'land rats.' There is no species of rat that lives in the sea. Some rats live aboard ships, but are no more 'sea rats' than sailors are 'sea humans.' They do not live in the ocean. There is an animal called a muskrat (Ondatra zibethicu) that is not really a rat at all, but another type of north-american rodent which swims and lives in a semi-aquatic, freshwater environment like a beaver. In the Redwall book series by Brian Jaqques, the 'sea rats' are no more than regular rats who live aboard ships as pirates. There is a species of fish called a sea rat, ratfish, or chimaera that lives in the deep sea. Their namesake has nothing to do with their relation to rats.

The rats are the antagonists in this story. They are just ravenous Dutch sea rats following their instinct to find food, such as meat or humans. Sometimes rats will even eat their babies to survive. The climax of this story is a fierce battle of man v. nature, where man is the lighthouse keeper, le gleo, and ichoua, and nature is the rats.

it's just a title :D there rats on the sea!

Sea rats are larger than most land rats, but i don't know what they look like

Yes sea rats are real and yes they are so dangerous

They are sea rats from the old English times.

Do you mean what is a sea rat.A sea rat is Robert Romano.

Rats can live anywhere, including on boats

No. But a gerbil is a type of rat. Gerbils are not really rats, rodents, but not rats

Dragon is so fierce because when she was little, she would pounce on mice, and rodents. thats how she got her name.

Noo rats are really safe and they make the best pets. They're really clean and low matinence. They are really sweet, they like to lick people. I love rats!!

They are the same. they get onto the ships from the mooring lines.

Well I think that rats really like food scraps and not cheese.

Really fierce snakes eat any small mammals they can find.

As big as my @#!%&*(&!##@, 12 INCHES

Yes they are very real!

only if they really really have to

He says that they can tear through human skin and eat it and said that they killed trained terriers on board a ship to kill rats like the sea rats.

they were the ones who spread it but the rats caught it from parasites

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