Eastern Orthodoxy

Are serbian extremist orthodox?

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Nikola Tesla was a Serbian Orthodox Christian. His father was a Serbian Orthodox priest.

Serbian Orthodox Secondary School was created in 2005.

No, he's orthodox, Serbian orthodox

St. George Serbian Orthodox Church was created in 1954.

Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophia were killed by a Serbian extremist

He/She can marry if he/she would be accepted to the Serbian orthodox or been baptized to them.Take full observation and choose the better of them that can help you.

Serbian Orthodox Christianity

Serbian orthodox, Russian orthodox and Greek orthodox are all essentially the same thing. The only difference is the language in which the service is done.

apparenty the serbian church has it.... put serbian orthodox into search in wiki and it will tell you there

No, he was Greek Orthodox, from Serbian roots.

Its Serbian New years eve. Serbian orthodox follows old julian callendar.

The Russian Orthodox, Serbian Orthodox, and Carpatho-Russian churches

No, it is part of The Orthodox Church (Christianity), and it is not Jewish. In fact, there is no such thing as a Jewish church.

No way he is serbian and serbians are orthodox Christians.

Most Serbs are Christian Orthodox (Serbian Orthodox). Some Serbs are Muslim and others are Christian Catholic.

There are approximately 125 Greek Orthodox churches in Australia, but this does not include the other Orthodox churches, such as the Russian, Serbian, Romanian, Antiochian, Ukrainian Orthodox, etc.

Most likely no. He is Serbian, and his name is orthodox christian.

probably the greek orthodox. the only difference is basically just the name and language. Mainly because the serbian language and church was made by two byzantine brothers called 'Kurillos & Methodios' (these are their greek names) And in way, the serbian church was subjected to the byzantine...Nowadays, many people in Greece consider Serbians as their orthodox brothers.

Blagojevich's family is Serbian and they are members of the Eastern Orthodox church.

they have the Serbian orthodox church But there is also the the Mohammedan part of the people

The most belong to serbian - orthodox and muslim.

Tesla was Serbian ethnically and descended from Christian Orthodox priests. He was not Jewish.

Main religion is Serbian Orthodox Christianity. Some 20% of serbian citizens are Muslim religion (Albanians, Bosniaks, Turks, Gorani).

Most Orthodox Christians are part of the Eastern Orthodox Church (commonly referred to as the Greek, Russian, Serbian churches, etc) but a smaller group exists of Oriental Orthodox (such as the Coptic and Armenian churches).