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Answer 1. The only shunt reactors I know are used on transmission lines to alter power factor. This is nothing to do with the nuclear reactor in a power plant.

Answer 2. I agree. Shunt reactors are use on transmission line and EHV to boost voltage, to generate VARs and for power factor correction.

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How are nuclear reactors used in nuclear reactors?

Well, as nuclear reactors are nuclear reactors, nuclear reactors are not used inside nuclear reactors.

Why are fast neutrons not used in nuclear reactors to get nuclear energy?

Fast neutrons are used already in nuclear reactors that called fast nuclear reactors and/or fast breeder reactors.

What element is an actinide fuel used in nuclear reactors?

Uranium and plutonium are both actinides that are used in nuclear reactors.

What nuclear reaction is currently used to produce nuclear energy in nuclear reactors?

We use nuclear fission in nuclear reactors to tap nuclear energy.

What type of nuclear reaction is used in modern day nuclear reactors?

Current nuclear reactors rely on nuclear fission as their nuclear reaction.

How and what is the use of shunt reactors?

Shunt reactor are generally employed at the end of long transmission line. During charging of line due to ferranti effect receiving end voltage increases dangerously to control this shunt reactors are used.

Are lasers used for nuclear reactors?

No, at least not for power reactors

What can be found on the moon that can be used for nuclear reactors?

There may be Radium, Thorium, Uranium or even Plutonium which can be used in nuclear reactors.

What can be used as a substitute for nuclear reactors?

No substitute for nuclear power reactors especially if there is no available fossil fuel.

What fields are plutonium used in?

Nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons

What is Uranium energy used for?

Uranium is used as nuclear fuel in nuclear reactors.

Are there any fusion reactors in nuclear power plants?

No nuclear fusion reactors is currently used on commercial basis.

Is nuclear fission only used to create atomic bombs?

No, nuclear fission operates all nuclear reactors. If they are power plant reactors it is used to generate electricity.

What are used in nuclear reactors to absorb neutrons?

The control rods, which are made of a neutron absorbing material like boron, are used in nuclear reactors.

What are the uses of nuclear reactors?

The primary use of nuclear reactors is to produce electricity, which is the only way to use nuclear energy on a large scale. Small reactors are used for research, and are also used to produce radioisotopes for medical and industrial use. Reactors are also used to power some naval vessels and submarines. Reactors have also been used to produce plutonium and tritium needed to make nuclear weapons.

What are the two substances used as moderators in nuclear reactors?

Water and graphite are often thought of as moderators as regards nuclear reactors.

How is radioisotopes used in nuclear reactors?

Radioisotopes for many uses (e.g. medical, industrial, scientific) are produced in nuclear reactors.

How is Nuclear fusion used?

In test reactors.

What is Uranium used as fuel for?

Nuclear reactors.

Does liquid sodium is used as a coolant in nuclear reactors?

In some reactors it is, depends on the design.

Descibe about shunt reactors?

Shunt reactors are the inductors connected across the power line for power factor correction.The reactors injects reactive power in the transmission line for voltage compensation. The only disvantage of this shunt reactors is that it shorts whenever high voltage or transients occurs.Only stepped variation of the reactive power is possible.

What is the most common coolant used in nuclear reactors?

The most common coolant used in nuclear reactors is water. There are light water reactors (using "regular" water), and the heavy water kind of reactor.

What process do nuclear reactors use?

Nuclear reactors use nuclear fission.

What is used for fule in nuclear reactor?

Typically, Uranium-235 is used as fuel in nuclear reactors.

Is uranium used in a reactor?

Yes, uranium is used as nuclear fuel in nuclear power reactors.

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