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What is fat? From what I see out there some of these girls look like they've spent 5 years in a concentration camp! They don't look well, are skin and bone and most of these so-called slim gals have problems with bulimia, anorexia or taking x-lax. Some way to live! Sometimes bulimia and anorexia are a mental disorder (the brain makes that person see themselves as being fat) while some girls would sell their souls to try anything to be thin. Well, wake up! I just saw a program where thin is out and it was on "Extra" re the stars. Female actors are now starting to put meat on their bones! Men complain they want a gal with a little more meat on their bones, and yes, some men like ROBUST women and that doesn't mean these gals are considered fat! Even if you are fat, it's what's inside that counts. Beauty is only skin deep. Haven't most of us met a beautiful woman with everything going for her until she opens her mouth and the same applies to men. I dated a male model, a lifeguard, and some other good looking men and only 2 of them were worth air space. Young men and women will of course be attracted physically first, but it always comes down to the personality of that person and one with a loving and giving soul. So, for the ROBUST gals out there ... hang on! Be patient! These guys get the message sooner or later. It's odd, but some of my girlfriends are very beautiful women (all ages) and their husbands are the average Joe's out there, but wonderful men. Some of our male friends are knock-out good looking, but their wives aren't and they love those women with a passion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Marcy

My husband certainly is!

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Q: Are some men attracted to women who are overweight?
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Do India women attracted to white men?

are india women attracted to white men

What causes a man to be attracted to square jawed women?

What causes a man to be attracted to a square jaw woman is simply personal taste. Men have different things they are attracted to and some men find women with a square jaw appealing. It's no different than men who are attracted to women with certain hair or eye colors.

Why do men avoid women they seem to be attracted to?

Some men like to play "hard to get". Some men are afriad to talk to someone they're attracted to. Some avoid in light of rejection. Just depends on who you are.

What does hedro sexual mean?

That's heterosexual. Heterosexual means being attracted to the opposite sex (men being attracted to women, women being attracted to men). As opposed to homosexual, which means being attracted to the same sex (men being attracted to men, and women being attracted to women). The prefix "hetero" means "different," and "homo," means "same."

Why are some women attracted to grey haired men?

some of my friends say its because they look older and a lot of women like older men

Who is attracted to both women and men?

People who are attracted to both men and women are classified as being bisexual though they may not necessarily be attracted to both equally.

Why men go for women that look like their ex?

Its probably because they were attracted to their ex in some way so there still attracted to women like that.

Why are english men attracted to polish women?

English men are attracted to anything with a heartbeat.

Are straight women attracted to lesbians?

No. By definition, straight women are only attracted to men.

Why do girls have breasts and men have little breasts?

same reason men have penises and women dont, men are attracted to boobs, women are attracted to penises.

Why are men attracted to women?

Physically, men are attracted to women because they have curves. A man might not realize it, but he is attracted to a woman's curves because this shows that the woman is capable of carrying a child which gives men all the more reason to become attracted to and mate with a woman. Another reason is testosterone, male hormones. This hormone makes massive changes to the way a man thinks. When a man is with a woman, his brain goes "She is a mate, she is able to carry a child, she is smaller, you must protect her, she will comfort you and the child..." It is automatically the mans job to to protect a woman. Women also tend to take care of men, so this is another reason why men are attracted to women. They protect the woman in exchange for her "tender lovin' care".

What chemical causes women to be attracted to men?

Possible some types of pheromones.

Why do girls and women become obsessed with men who are like Hercules?

Some women are attracted to the physical appearance of strong and healthy looking men.

Why are overweight women so hatefull?

AnswerThey aren't. Maybe you just had some bad experiences with some. I have. But I have also had terrible experiences with skinny women, skinny men, and overweight men. It all depends upon the person. I have met some fantastic overweight women. They are among my favorite people. They feel good about themselves and they make me feel good about myself. They are mostly accepting of everybody.

What do men offer women?

Because women are attracted by men and, man & women can be a good couple that's why men offer women.

Why are some men attracted to girls' feet?

There are many reasons why some men are attracted to girls feet. Some men have certain fetishes, and some have a fetish, or uncontrollable desire, to see, touch, and do things to womens feet. Also, some men just like women who have cute feet.

Why do men work out?

They want to have women to be more attracted to men.

What is the difference in coming out information between gay men and gay women?

Gay men are men who are attracted to men, and Lesbians are women who are attracted to women, they both like people of their same gender, but they are different genders from each other.

How can you tell if your wife is attracted to other men?

All women are attracted to other men, just as all men are attracted to other women. People don't stop being attracted to other people just because they're in love with someone.

Why do women cheat on their men?

There are many reasons and they might be emotional, finalcial or just by the fact that she is highly attracted to some men.

Are women attracted to men who enjoy watching cartoons everyday during their spare time?

Not all Women will be attracted.

Why do overweight women have low self esteem?

That is a broad generalization and borderline sexist. Not all overweight women have low-self esteem. Some overweight women might have more self esteem than certain "fit" women, or overweight men, or skinny men, you name it. Self esteem is not linked to body size it is dependent of numerous circumstances. While every person will have there own reasons for low self esteem, an overweight woman might have feelings of dislike of their body size causing a lack of confidence

Why are older men attracted to younger women?

Older men are attracted to younger women for a biological reason. Sexual desire is linked to the urge to procreate. Women lose the ability to bear children around age 50. However, men can often father children later in life. For this reason, men are biologically attracted to women of child bearing age.

Why do men like plus size women?

Some men like thicker women for the same reasons other men like thinner women; it is just who they feel attracted to and they can't help it nor do many guys want to help it as there's nothing wrong to being attracted to any size woman.

You love women you fantasize about women like mad but you can climax over men are you gay?

You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to members of the same gender. If you are sexually attracted to both men and women, you are bisexual.