Are some people psychic?

Many people say that they are psychic, Some claim to be mediums who comunicate with the dead. Some insist they have a miraculous ability to see into the future. A few psychics even appear on TV or write for newspapers. Some make money running psychic hotlines - you make an often expensive phone call to the psychic, and he or she might then tell you about your dead relatives, or what will happen to you in the future.

But do these people really have psychic powers?

Actually, the amazing powers of TV psychics aren't usually any more amazing than those of stage magicians. Stage magicians don't claim to have psychic powers. They just create the illusion that they have them, by using special tricks. I'm sure you've seen magicians make people disappear or read people's minds. Their tricks are really amazing (I can't figure out how they do it), but of course they are just tricks.