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no sword fish are technically not considered sharks

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Fish beginning with the letter A?

There are many fish starting with A. A Brim A Cod A sorwdfish And the list goes on..............

Can you name 8 types of sharks?

megalodon sharks, great white sharks, frilled sharks, thresher sharks, tiger sharks, sand tiger sharks, lemon sharks, bull sharks, whale sharks, basking sharks, lepord sharks,black tip sharks. there is 12.

What sharks are there in Curacao?

Nurse Sharks, Lemon sharks and Hammerhead Sharks

What is the collective noun for sharks?

Collective nouns for sharks are:a school of sharksa shiver of sharksa shoal of sharks

What has the author Tina Anton written?

Tina Anton has written: 'Sharks, Sharks, Sharks' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Sharks 'Sharks, Sharks, Sharks (Real Reading)'

Do sharks eat starfish?

There are three species of sharks known to eat starfish. These sharks are the Nurse sharks, Horn sharks and Port Jackson sharks.

What sharks are in the Atlantic Ocean?

The Atlantic includes Hammerhead sharks, Great White sharks, bull sharks, and tiger sharks.

Why do sharks have eyelids?

Sharks have eyelids so female sharks can wink at male sharks.

What sharks have a urinary tract?

Mako sharks, thresher sharks and Great white sharks

What are baby sharks?

baby sharks are called pupsbaby sharks are baby sharks

Are all sharks bigger than orcas?

no! orcas are larger than most sharks some sharks are bigger like great white sharks,basking sharks,whale sharks and megamouth sharks

What shark lives in really deep water?

Goblin sharks, megamouth sharks, bluntnose sixgill sharks, boardnose sevengill sharks, cook sharks, and sandbar sharks.

What is the size of a female shark?

There are around 440 different species of sharks in the world (great white sharks, carpet sharks, hammerheads, whale sharks, tiger sharks, blue sharks, mako sharks, lemon sharks, angel sharks, thresher sharks, megamouth sharks, zebra sharks, nurse sharks, basking sharks, and bull sharks, just to name a few). And they all grow to different sizes. So, unless you specify what kind of shark(s) you're talking about, this question is far too general to be answered. See the Related Link below for the Wikipedia entry for sharks.

Are great white sharks bigger than basking sharks?

No, basking sharks are the second largest sharks in the world (whale sharks being the largest) but great white sharks are the worlds largest hunting sharks.

Are sharks friends with other sharks?

Sometimes because some sharks eat other sharks.

What are whale sharks family?

In the whale sharks family there are other whale sharks and other sharks

What type of relationship do sharks have with fish?

sharks are fish, but fish that are not sharks often get eaten by sharks in the food chain some small fish habitat with sharks they get food from the sharks.

What type of sharks are in the Caribbean sea?

The Caribbean Sea is home to Caribbean reef sharks, blacktip reef sharks, nurse sharks, tiger sharks and bull sharks. Of these, bull sharks are most known to attack humans.

What is the most dangeroes sharks?

These five sharks are most dangerous: 1- Great White Sharks 2- Bull Sharks 3- Tiger Sharks 4- Oceanic Whitetip Sharks 5- Shortfin Mako sharks

What are dolphins enemies?

dolphins enemies are bull sharks tiger sharks dusky sharks and great white sharks.sharks can kill dolphins.

What sharks live in Vietnam?

Whale Sharks and Reef Sharks

What sharks are large in size?

Whale Sharks are the largest Sharks.

What do great white sharks and bull sharks have similar about them?

there sharks.

How are whale sharks and hammer sharks the same?

They are both sharks.

What kind of sharks are there?

There are so many differnt types of sharks! Each one is individual, and has it's own charichterists. You can find many amazing lists from trushed-websights of types of shark speices! As of when I wrote this there are 440 classified shark species!

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