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Yes, all beans are considered to be vegetables.

Soybean is unique among pulses as it is also an oilseed, containing about 20% of oil.

Only the edamame (young green soybean pod) qualifies as a vegetable, all other usages of the soybean involve some transformation, either from the whole beans, or from the protein-rich soybean flour after oil extraction.

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Soybeans, vegetable oil,Soybeans, vegetable oil,

I believe it is chickpeas or soybeans.

No, soybean is a legume, used as a pulse vegetable or an oilseed. Boiled soybeans are sometimes fried just like peanuts for the same purpose, but they are not nuts.

Textured vegetable protein is typically made from processed soybean meal. Soybeans are very high in protein.

soybeans Most commonly used vagitable hich used for vegetable oil. Apart from soybeans Peanut,corn, canola,olive, soy, safflower, coconut, sunflower, cottonseed are also used to make vegitable oil.

It is usually the byproduct of soybeans used to make other products, like vegetable oil.

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Unless Bacon is made from SOYBEANS, Bacon is Not a Vegetable, Bacon is a Meat, usually made from PORK, turkey, or beef.


Linolenic acid is an organic compound that is a fatty acid and that can be found in many vegetable oils, chia, flaxseed oil, rapeseed oil, and soybeans.

No. It is one word: soybeans.

As he was growing up as a slave, he had a lot of interest in plants, and found that the peanut was his favorite kind of vegetable.

Soybeans are called "soyabeans" in Hindi.

People who eat soybeans obviously

Soybeans English is an official language their

Soybeans can be used to produce biodiesel fuel.

YES they can!! My horse is on a diet of soybeans and sweet feed (more soybeans than sweet feed). Soybeans act as a filler and are packed with protein. They fill your horse out beautifully.

Yes, soybeans have been genetically modified, though there are non-modified varieties of soybeans. Commercially, at least 70% - 80%, possibly more of the soybeans grown in the United States are GMO.

Soybeans can be fed roasted or boiled, they should not be fed raw due to them having a Trypsin inhibitor when raw. You can soak them over night before cooking them. Soybean meal is the byproduct of making vegetable oil and can be bought and fed to horses as is at a rate of 1/2 cup daily.

Soybeans are primarily grown in the Corn Belt in the U.S. Typically soybeans are grown in rotation with corn. So if a location grows corn, they mostly likely grow soybeans too. Brazil also grows a large percent of the world's soybeans, about +/-75% of the US yield.

1 cup of cooked soybeans is about 298 calories.

Iowa by far, it is the leading U.S. state for soybeans production. Washington does not grow soybeans to speak of.

80 grams of soybeans = 1 cup

Soybeans yield up to 20% of its weight in oil.

Iowa ranks among the leading states in production of soybeans.

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