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Yes. Any animal without a backbone is an invertebrate.

A sponge is a invertebrate because it has no backbone.

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Are sponges vertebrates or invertebrates?


Are cnidarians vertebrates or invertebrates?

Cnidarians and Sponges are invertebrates

Why are sponges invertebrates?

Sponges to not have spines (backbones) and are therefore not vertebrates.

Are spongeswormsand snails vertebrates or invertebrates?

sponges,worms,and snails are invertebrates.

Is a Sponge a Vertebrates?

no vertebrates have a backbone. Sponges don't, so they're invertebrates.

Are cnidarians and sponge vertebrate?

Cnidarians and sponges are not vertebrates. They are invertebrates, they have no backbone.

What are the kinds of vertebrates and invertebrates?

Vertebrates: # Fish # Amphibians # Reptiles # Birds # Mammals Invertebrates: # Sponges # Cnidarians (formerly called Coelenterates) # Worms # Mollusks # Arthropods (Arachnids, Crustaceans, Millipedes and Centipedes, Insects)

What do vertebrates have that invertebrates do not have?

Vertebrates have a backbone, while invertebrates do not.

Are coral vertebrates or invertebrates?

Coral are invertebrates (class anthazoa, phylum cnidaria- the latter occupies a position on the evolutionary tree between sponges and protostomes (insects etc) so they are very different from vertebrates which are above protostomes in deuterostoma

What are examples of vertebrates and invertebrates?

Vertebrates:-frog-salamander-snake-crocodile-iguana-monitor lizard-cow-horse-koala-kangarooInvertebrates:-jellyfish-sponges-hydra-earthworm-leech-flatworms-starfish-snail-squid-scallop

What are the 5 difference of vertebrates and invertebrates?

vertebrates and invertebrates different?

How do invertebrates differ from vertebrates?

Invertebrates don't have backbones. Vertebrates do.

Are invertebrates arthropods?

Not all of them. Invertebrates also include sponges, jellyfish, worms, slugs, spiders and the like... All in all they´re far more diverse than vertebrates ;)

Are arthropods vertebrates or invertebrates?

Arthropods are invertebratesArthropods are invertebrates not vertebrates.invertabrate

Are round worms invertebrates or vertebrates?

Invertebrates.No, flat worms are not vertebrates.

What is the difference between vertebrates an invertebrates?

Vertebrates have spines & invertebrates do not have spines.

Why vertebrates and invertebrates are differ?

Vertebrates have spinal chord and invertebrates don't.

What is a difference between vertebrates and invertebrates?

vertebrates has backbones but invertebrates don't.

What animals do not have vertebrates?

Sponges... Starfish.... Also things like worms too. Spiders...however, spiders are arachnids. But still they are invertebrates. (Invertebrates are animals/insects which have no cranium and backbone.) - emz

Are clams vertebrates or invertebrates?

calms are not vertebrates they are invertebrates unless a shell can grow a backbone they will stay invertebrates

Are seals vertebrates or Invertebrates?


Are annelids vertebrates or invertebrates?

They are invertebrates.

Are piranhas vertebrates or invertebrates?

they are invertebrates

Are flatworms vertebrates or invertebrates?


Are bumblebees vertebrates or invertebrates?

they are invertebrates