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Are spouses responsible for employee loans after their death?


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In most cases a waiver has to be signed that states the spouse will not be responsible. This is especially true for credit cards. If you have signed a statement in contract that states in case of death... it depends on what it states; responsible or not responsible, again it is all in the fine print. There may be a waiver on a loan if the spouse had no knowledge of said loan if loan was signed into being prior to a wedding date.


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If the her is your wife you are responsible for school loans and any other loans as well.

Federally Guaranteed student loans are linked to the borrower by their social security number. Only the person listed on the loan by SS# is obligated to repay the loan, not spouses, parents, children, or anyone else.

They are not responsible, but they will consider the spouses income as part of your ability to pay and determine your monthly payments (if on some kind of repayment program) according to your total family income.

Normally a surviving wife will inherit both the assets and liabilities of her husband, including bank loans. Marriage is an economic partnership.

The parent's estate is responsible for the loans. If there are no cash assets to pay the loans the lenders will take the property such as real estate or a vehicle.

There are two levels of government responsible for regulating payday loans. These forms of loans are regulated by the federal and state levels of government.

Only if you have proof beyond the shadow of a doubt that they lied and the broker was an employee and not a subcontractor.

no she cant be because she did not take out the loans out

The estate is responsible for the debts of the deceased. The creditors should be notified of the death but they are out of luck is there are no assets.

You will never be responsible for his debts unless you co-signed on loans or debts. If you are the executor of his estate, then you must pay his debts out of the estate.

If she incurred within the bounds of the marriage (after you were married). Then yes you are responsible. If they were incurred before then no you are not.

No, it does not morph into a marital obligation.

No. People cannot talk about anything after death.

IF his student loans accumulated before the marriage, no you will not have to pay for them. However, if it is something that he did while you were married the court may see it as him provding for the two of you and you may be responsible for a share. I would contact an attorney and discuss when the student loans came to be and what you can do to get out of paying.

If a parent were to obtain a federal school loan for their child and the pass away , the child would not be responsible for paying it back. The loan would be discharged due to death discharge. A death certificate would have to be shown to prove death of the borrower.

Not unless they co-signed for the loans or credit cards. The estate is responsible for the debts.

If the student loan is a federal loan and not a private loan then the answer is no. Federal student loans can not be included in bankruptcy, you will always be responsible for repayment of FEDERAL student loans.

The agency responsible for setting interest rates on loans is the Federal Reserve Board. The interest rate on loans is tied into the rate of inflation and the GNP or Gross National Product.

Loan consolidation should not be jumped into. Look closely at the size of debt and the interest rate being paid on the various outstanding loans. It may not be a good idea to consolidate depending upon those variables.

it appears that at least the Federal student loans will be cancelled upon notice of the borrower's death. ?Death of the Borrower. If a former student borrower dies, the executor -- the person who collects and distributes the property left at death -- can cancel any federal student loan.?

If your name is also on any agreements, loans, leases, etc. you will be responsible for honoring same. You are not otherwise responsible for any of your partner's debt.

Effective July 1, 2006, married students are no longer able to consolidate their loans together. If married students consolidated their loans together, each spouse became responsible for the full amount of the loan, and the loans could not be separated if the couple got divorced.

It's very bad for management - employee relations to charge employees to charge them at all for cashing their paychecks. If the company is a bank, all types of bank services such as checking accounts, savings accounts and check cashing should be free. Also, if the company is a bank, discounted loans for personal loans and mortgage loans will help employees morale and loyalty.

The Exchequer is an agency primarily responsible for the UK's collection and distribution of finances arrived from taxes, loans and public or private borrowing.

In the US, if the loans are Federally Guaranteed then the loans will be forgiven by the Government is the loan holder dies. If it is a co-signer that died, then the loans still need to be repaid. If the loans are private, then they still need to be repaid.

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