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No, but they do spray unkind odors when predators get too close.

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How are stink bugs poisonious?

stink bugs are rarelypoisonous some that have a disease are but no stink bugs are poisonous so that's all

Do stink bugs have shells?

Yes, stink bugs do have a hard outside shell. The bugs are not poisonous.

How are stink bugs poisonous?

They are not poisonous, they just release a bad odor as a defense.

What do stink bugs eat?

stink bugs suck juice out of leafs and stinky plants they also eat lady bugs and other poisonous insects to birds and other animalsAdult stink bugs mostly feed on sap from smelly plants like cabbage. They eat ladybugs and other bugs that are poisonous to birds or mammals that try to eat them.

Are stink bugs poisonous to dogs?

No. Maryland is over-run with stink bugs. My own dogs chase and eat them. One got sick after swallowing it, and vomited the bug back up. (the dog is alright!) I spoke with a very good vet in the city today and he says that stink bugs are not poisonous to dogs. He also said his own cats prey on stink bugs, and regularly eat them.

Are stink bugs poisoness?

No they are not poisonous. They just have a strong odor they use as a defense.

Are stink bugs poisonous to humans if eaten?

Stink bugs are are not dangerous to humans. My 10 month old baby has, unfortunately, eaten a couple of them and I see no harm except for the stink. Im no expert, though.

Are Stink Bugs true bugs?

Yes. Stink bugs a true bugs.

List of foods stink bugs eat?

Adult stink bugs mostly feed on sap from smelly plants like cabbage. They eat ladybugs and other bugs that are poisonous to birds or mammals that try to eat them.

Does the stink bugs diet affect its stink?

no it will not. the stink bugs protection will always be there

Can stink bugs run?

No, stink bugs fly.

Why are stink bugs called stink bugs?

They are called stink bugs because of the odorous secretion it excretes when it feels threatened

What family of bugs are stink bugs?

Stink bugs belong to the family Pentatomidae.

How do you know a stink bug is a female?

stink bugs r not female because females don't stink male dofemale stink bugs NO male r stink bugs

Will chickens eat stink bugs?

Chickens will eat bugs including stink bugs.

What does a stink bug look like?

Stink bugs are Shield bugs bugs just google it!

What is a fact about a stink bug?

Stink bugs belong to the order of "True Bugs" ....Hemiptera.

Bearded dragon eat stink bugs?

I give mine stink bugs with no affect but you can only give them stink bugs as a snack not frequently.

What are stink bugs attracted to?

Stink Bugs are attracted to the color purple and plant!

What will stink bugs do?

if you bother them, they send a stinky sent! Well, if they are called stink bugs, then they probably stink!!!

Are stink bugs an endangered specie?

No. Asian Lady Beetles (Stink Bugs) are everywhere!

Do stink bugs fly?

stink bugs fly 100% I know this because I have a brown marmorted stink bug as a pet so I know for sure

Does killing stink bugs bring more stink bugs?

No, this is true of some insects, but not stink bugs. They just smell foul when they are crushed, hence the name.

How do stink bugs stink?

They are born with that defense.

Can bearded dragons eat stink bugs?

Although i do not know for a fact that beardies can eat stink bugs i have fed mine stink bugs a couple times with no harmful affects that are noticable but since not many things eat stink bugs i would not recommend feeding stink bugs frequently to you bearded dragon

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