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Are stomach pains that feel like a sore stomach a sign of early pregnancy?

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Not really. Early pregnancy signs start around 2 weeks after conception. After you have missed your period (late period) you can buy a Home pregnancy test and see whether you are pregnant. They are very accurate.Sore stomach is not a sgn of pregnancy especially if thsi is the only symptoms that you are having.

AnswerNo not necessarily. A person could have pulled a muscle or have gas. A woman would notice sore breast, darkening of the areola, slight weight gain, hardening of the stomache in the surroundingarea of the belly button, like after doing sit ups, etc. Go to the library or on line to find all the symptoms to look for or the health department has phamlets, too.


But be careful, the more you read about "pregnancy" the more you will experience THE symptoms on yourself.....even if you are NOT pregnant

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Is it normal to have a swollen and hard stomach in early pregnancy?

It is normal to feel bloated in early pregnancy.

What does an early pregnancy stomach feel like?

full but quizzy

Does your stomach feel like it is bloated in early pregnancy?


Do you get stomach pains when the sperm is meeting the egg?

No, you do not feel it when a sperm cell fertilizes the ovum (the egg). In other words, "stomach pains" after sexual intercourse are no sure sign of the onset of a pregnancy.

Are pains in lower stomach normal during early stages of pregnancy?

Yes. Your uterus is growing and stretching rapidly to accomodate the new life growing inside you. These first pains you feel in early pregnancy feel much like regular period cramps, and are often mistaken for such. However, you need to call your doctor immediately if you have cramping with dizziness, light-headedness, fainting or shortness of breath, as these could be signs of ectopic pregnancy.

How long should you feel stomach pain in early pregnancy?

i feel pain in my stomasch but my tubes are tie

When your pregnant is it normal to have stomach pains?

stomach pains are expected throughout the whole of your pregnancy. There may be a week or 2 where you don't feel any pain. but then suddenly the other weeks are painful, but if there is no blood then you don't have to worry about it.

Can you feel a bump in your stomach at 4 days of pregnancy?

No you can not as 4 days are far to early for anything.

Can lower back pain and lower stomach pains be a sign of pregnancy?

It depends on what the lower stomache pains feel like. If it is a crampy type pain, then yes, this can be a symptom of pregnancy ,as is lower back pain. Within the first 20 weeks.

Can a woman feel a bulge in upper and lower parts of stomach due to pregnancy early in the first weeks?


Could you be feeling stomach pains 5 days after conception?

Yes, but technically you could also feel stomach pains before conception

Is having your stomach feel hard a sign of pregnancy?

take a pregnancy test, your stomach could feel different for lots of reasons

How early in pregnancy do you show and feel roundness in your stomach?

All women are different, but usually around the 4th month.

Does pregnancy feel like period pains?

Some people do have cramps during their pregnancy, yes

How do you know if you have a sour stomach?

You know if you have a sour stomach if you're experience nausea, bloating or stomach cramps.Your stomach will not feel right, it may be swirling or you can feel sharp pains.

You feel movement in your stomach?

During pregnancy you feel movement in your stomach. You will feel small kicks from your baby. This can be painful.

If you are having serious pains in uor stomach that dont feel like cramps can that mean your pregnant?

Could be gas . Take a pregnancy test . That will take out the guess work .

How does your stomach feel early in pregnancy?

Like a hangover and a sore vagina from the random guy that you had unprotected sex with the night before

How early to do you feel stomach flutters pregnancy?

i have had 4 children and mine started fluttering around 10 to 12 weeks.

Feeling bloated and stomach pains and hungry but you feel full?


Why do you feel sharp pains in your stomach and on the tip of your fingers?

because you are tired

Can you feel any symptoms while your girlfriend pregnancy?

sympathy pains

How soon will you feel sharp pains if you're pregnant?

Pregnancy does not cause any sharp pains. Labor do later on.

Are period pains and pregnancy pains the same?

Contractions feel like period pains on a whole new level. Imagine your worst period pain ever times at least 5. That's what labor pains feel like.

Do you get stomach pains the first few days of pregnancy?

Yes, you can get some 'pains' that feel quite similar to period pain. You can also get twinges and little stabs. This is normal but any pain that is 'strong' or makes you stop in your tracks should be checked out by a doctor.

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