Are tattoos painful

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tattoos arent really painful they burn more than anything they're not that bad

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Q: Are tattoos painful
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Do upper back tattoos hurt?

All tattoos are painful.

Where there tattoos in medieval times?

Yes, and it was PAINFUL!

Is getting a tattoo on your forearm painful?

It mainly depends on your tolerance for pain, but in my experience it is not painful. I have tattoos on both forearms and wrist. 21 tattoos in all and really the only painful one was the inside of my calf

What were some of the effects on the tattoos from the holocaust?

Painful memories is all

How painful are tattoos?

really painful probably they use needles if you want a tattoo then just get a temporary one that comes of when you wash it off all you do is stick it on a nd you have a tattoo and tattoos are expensive

Is tattoo removal painful?

Permanent tattoos are painful to remove.But if you do it by laser treatment than it will be less painful and it gives nice result in short period of time.

Is tatto harmful for your body?

Tattoos aren't harmful to your body, but they are painful to remove

Is getting a tattoo on your hand painful?

Tattoos on the hands and feet are very painful because of the nerve endings present in these parts of the body. The fingers are extremely painful though!

How painful are foot tattoos?

They Make you poop green. The real question is are YOU pooping green?

Where does it hurt the least to get a tattoo?

I have 15 tattoos and my least painful one was on my forearm but everyone is different.

Why do peoples say no to tattoos?

Because it damages your skin and fades after a long time and its alittle painful.

How soon can tattoos be removed?

By a really painful laser. Hurts more than the tattoo. And leaves a scar.

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