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The only agency that knows that answer is the Internal Revenue Service, a branch of the US Federal Government. Check the website for more information.

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Can I get a tax rebate if I own my own business?

At first there are no tax rebates that will be available for you. Later, as you start to provide service and jobs, you may be eligible for some rebates.

What green remodeling projects qualify for tax rebates?

What types of green remodeling are eligible for tax incentives? Which green remodeling projects can result in tax rebates?

Does the stimulus package just signed provide rebates to individual tax payers like the 2008 rebates?

No. No. NO.

When buying a new vehicle in Florida is tax paid on the MSRP before rebates or the actual price after rebates?


Are there government subsidies for energy saving installing new windows?

There can be. You would need to check with your state and local government. Some have grant or rebates. The Federal government has income tax credit but no direct subsidies. Check with the IRS, there may be restrictions.

Are there any federal rebates or tax incentives for installing solar panels on my home?

There is nothing federally. You can get some in certain states. check at

Who Qualifies For Free Tax Software?

If you are filing taxes by yourself and have a relatively simple tax form to fill (meaning no excessive deductions, tax rebates, etc.), you probably qualify for using free tax software to file for federal tax returns. Many companies offer their tax software free of charge for federal tax returns that are not extremely complicated. If you are not sure, you can check yourself by going through the criteria for each free tax software.

What is this Austin tax refund check you just received?

The Austin tax refund check you received may be your IRS tax return. If you overpaid your taxes you may also be issued a check.

How do you figure motor vehicle excise tax for Oklahoma?

Motor vehicle excise tax in Oklahoma is 3.25% of the purchase price, which may include dealer discounts and rebates but which may not include any trade-in allowance.

When will you get your renters rebate back?

Your renters rebate check comes from your state tax department. You may be able to find some information about your renters rebate check by going to your state tax department website. Or some contact information may be available to help you check on when you you can expect to get your renters rebate check.

What government expenditures must be authorized each year?

tax rebates

How do we file for the rebate checks?

The 2008 Tax Rebates will be sent out to everyone who files a 2007 Federal Tax Return.

The us government has decided to issue federal income tax rebates to taxpayers what is the most likely goal of these rebates?

the goal is to get the consumer to increase their spending

Which committee recommended abolition of tax rebates under section 88?

Kelkhar committee

Tax Software For Small Businesses Worth It?

During tax season, small businesses are not exempt from filing taxes. However, with many tax credits and rebates created recently to help small businesses propel in this economy, filing taxes may actually be something to look forward about. With professional tax software, your small business can maximize tax credits and rebates that your business qualifies for, helping your net revenue and making the process much easier than doing by hand or alone.

What is the difference of income tax and income?

Income is basically everything that you earn, whether by physical exertion, or by investing. Income tax is a tax levied by governments, on the above income less allowable deductions and rebates. Allowable deductions and rebates are worked out by the government levying the income tax. It very quickly gets very involved and complicated.

What kind of rebates/assistance to purchase solar panels from either grants or incentives for Texas senior citizens?

There are several rebates and tax credits vailable for installing solar panels and energy saving appliances. You can read about the available tax breaks at

What is Before tax income after tax income?

Before tax income is gross income less allowable deductions and rebates = assessable income. After tax income is assessable income less the applicable income tax

Business at bn12 4xp po box 1400 worthing?

HMRC - including tax rebates

What year is the tax rebate checks being issued?

There are not listed tax rebates for 2014. However, tax returns are already being accepted by the IRS and payments are being issued.

Can you cash your federal tax return check at Check n Go?

Yes you may! All that is required is a small percent fee for check cashing. You can also get your tax return check immediately. There is no waiting for weeks.

How can you check your tax refund on child support when you going get it?

Contact your infernal revenue service.

Is cash back the same as rebates?

Seemingly...either could be from manufacturer or retailer...which is what makes the difference for sales tax.

Will the federal income rebates of 2008 be taxable on your 2009 federal income tax?

Yes. No. The IRS, in Notice No. CP 1378, "Understanding Your Economic Stimulus Payment", mailed to recipients of the tax rebates, states "You will not be required to report the amount of your stimulus payment as taxable income on your 2008 federal income tax return." See also:

What are some instant tax services?

Instant tax rebates can be obtained at H&R Block or Liberty Tax service. For those filling out the 1040 EZ federal form, its a pretty simple process overall.