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No. They do not bite and they carry no diseases harmful to humans.

2018-02-25 06:54:54
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Are termites dangerous to children in any way?


What can robots do to help humans with?

Robots can help humans in any way! In the home, business, factories, and can do the most dangerous jobs that humans cant even do!

How is a leopard dangerous for the human population?

They should not be, the only way I could see is if the humans started to build in the leopard's habitat and threatened the leopard in any way.

Are capybaras dangerous in any way?

no not realy

What is the performance of tasks by robots is based on?

things that are dangerous and out of the way, things that humans can't do

Define insect and pest categories of insect and pest?

While insects can operate outside of the human world, and exist on a level that is not dependent on humans in any way, pests are quite different. Pests are in some way detrimental or dangerous to humans, or human interests.

Can moths harm humans?

No, moths do not harm humans in any way.

Is YouTube dangerous for your computer?

Youtube itself is not dangerous to your computer in any form of way.

Is lead dangerous in any way?

yes lead is dangerous if you sallow it you can get lead poisoning

Are humans related to alligators in any way?


Are polar bears mean to humans?

If you mean do they go out of their way to attack humans, then the answer is no. But they have killed people in the past, and must be regarded as a dangerous animal.

Is tramadol dangerous?

Like any other drug it is dangerous when used in any way other than medically prescribed dosage.

Was Aphrodite dangerous?

Aphrodite was not dangerous in any way on her own. Although, she was indirectly dangerous because if she was angered, she would have another god or goddess make her revenge for her.Yes, as any Greek goddess could be dangerous.Yes, as any Greek goddess could be dangerous.Yes, as any Greek goddess could be dangerous.

If polar bears were extincthow will it effect humans?

it wouldn't effect humans in any way

How humans and bacteria are similar?

Humans and bacteria are not similar in any way shape of form.

Are walrus dangerous?

They are very slow uncaring animals. If you upset it in any way the yes it can be very dangerous.

Are there dangerous fish in the great lakes?

No, there are no dangerous creatures (to humans) in any of the great lakes (only dangerous to other fish.) You can swim to your heart's content with the peace of mind that you won't get stung, bitten, chomped, swallowed or in any way mauled or mutilated by any aquatic critter. The only real threats in the great lakes are hypothermia and rip tides- both of which can be avoided with a little common sense.

Do caterpillars harm humans in any way?

yes they do

Are platypuses problems to humans?

Not in any significant way.

Are light bulbs that contain Mercury dangerous in any way?

yes they are dangerous because mercury will melt easily

How do you kill termites when they are eating?

The elimination of termites - for good - is a job 100% for a professional, licensed exterminator. It is worth every penny. Trying to deal with termites on your own is merely a frustrating way of forestalling the inevitable.

Are mermaids like humans in any way?

Mermaids are not real.

Are pitbulls danguroues?

Dangerous? No way. Or, if so, no more dangerous than any other dogs. They're amazing doggies. :)

Is there any way to become something closer to what humans call a vampire?

Yes and were living among humans.

How do lab rats help us?

Lab rats helps us by using them to do dangerous experiments. That way we don't have to do it on humans.