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Himmler thought the Scots were racially rather superior ...

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Q: Are the Gaelic people from aryan descent?
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According to Hitler What other nations could be considered Aryan?

Hitler viewed people of Nordic European descent to be Aryan. Countries predominantly inhabited by people of this race (such as the Scandinavian countries or Teutonic states of Central Europe) were generally considered Aryan Nations. However, people all over the world could be considered Aryan, as long as they have a pure bloodline of Nordic European descent.

What is the official language in Nova Scotia?

The official languages of Nova Scotia are English andFfrench. Most people speak English but due to large population of people of Scots-Irish descent some people speak Gaelic.

How many Aryan Jewish people survivedthe Holocaust?

Please explain what you mean by "Aryan Jewish".

Who were the chosen people according to Hitler?

The Aryan people.

Who are the original inhabitants of Nepal?

The people of indo-aryan are the originals inhabitants of Nepal The people of indo-aryan are the originals inhabitants of Nepal

What do the Vedas tell us about aryan society and religion?

Vedas do not represent just the Aryan society, Dravidian are the original people of India and Vedas were written in India, so its not just a Aryan literature.

Who were the Nazis out to get?

they were out to get Jewish people because they thought Jewish people were subhuman and out to get world dominance. But they were also out to get people who were non-Aryan which is what they were. They believed Aryan's had the most "pure blood" of all the people on earth. The ideal Aryan had pale skin blond hair and blue eyes.

Which people speak Gaelic?

The Scots speak Gaelic.

Who do you say we are the people in Gaelic?

"Gaelic" can mean "Irish Gaelic' or "Scottish Gaelic". They are classified as two distinct languages.

Who owned the California ranchos?

Californios, or people of Spanish and Mexican descent.

What is the term Hitler game for superior people?


Who was behind the decline of the dravidians?

The Aryan people conquered them.