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Q: Are the Hausa people sedentary or nomadic?
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Are Hebrews sedentary or nomadic people?

The Hebrews were nomadic people organized in tribes

What are the differences about the nomatic and sedentary lifestyles in arabia?

the nomadic an people are those who are wealthy and the sedentary people are the poor people..

Is the Paleo Indians Nomadic or Sedentary?

is the paleo of Indians is nomadic or sedentary

Are the Plains Indians nomadic or sedentary?

nomadic or sedentary is plains indians

Are plains Indians nomadic or sedentary?

nomadic or sedentary is plains indians

Are the gulf Coastal Indians Nomadic or sedentary?

Sedentary. It is part of their cultural beliefs

Are the Inuits sedentary or Nomadic?


Were mayan's nomadic or sedentary?


Draw a graphic organizer between Nomadic and sedentary?

Nomadic people generally do not stay in an area for more than a few years. Sedentary people groups have a tendency to stay in an area for many years, or permanently.

Was the country of Rome Nomadic or Sedentary?


Were the pueblo Indians nomadic or sedentary?


Were algonquins nomadic or sedentary?

Nomadic I believe.

Is the southeastern Indians nomadic or sedentary?

A nomadic

What causes a prehistoric nomadic people to become sedentary?

Irrigation in Mesopotamia

How are nomadic and sedentary people alike?

they are alike because they are both American tribes

What is the opposite of nomadic?

The opposite of Nomadic is Sedentary or Settler communities

Was the Paleolithic people nomadic or sedentary?

The Palaeolithic times started when stone tools were made by humans. At this time the people making them were basically hunter gatherers and therefore nomadic.

What is a sedentary man?

A sedentary person is someone who lives in a single place for a extended period of time ( many years )opposed to Nomadic people who move very frequently.Sedentary people practice agriculture where as Nomadic people can not because they move so frequently they do not have to time to practice agriculture.I believe sedentary life began in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia because they learnt about agriculture and that you could grow food, there for they had no need to be Nomadic any more.

Are the Comanche nomadic or sedentary?

The Comanche were nomadic herders.

Is Mexico nomadic or sedintary?


Where the Algonquin nomadic or sedentary?


Are the Shoshone sedentary or nomadic?


Were caddo Indians sedentary or nomadic?


Were the Algonquin nomadic?

yes they where and the Iroquois where sedentary

What was the difference between sedentary and nomadic people?

Sedentary peoples stay in one place year-round, usually living as farmers, fishers, and raising animals. Nomadic peoples move frequently or continuously. As a result they can be hunters and gatherers, raisers of animals that travel with them, and traders moving goods between communities of sedentary peoples.