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Some are real, some are fake.

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Q: Are the Mr. Nightmare stories real or fake?
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What was The fake names of the people who helped the frank faimly?

The fake names: Mr. Dussel is Mr. Pfeffer Van Daans is Van Pels Mr. Kraler is Mr. Krugler The rest are all real, I beleive.

Is the tipton a real hotel?

well i think its fake but im not sure you see,the reason i think its fake is because mr tipton is played by someone and he owns the hotel in suite life of zack and cody.

In TNA what is written on the back of Mr Anderson's shirt?

On one side is says: Wrestling is Real On the other side it says: People are Fake

What kind of man is Mr Wrong?

He's EVERYONE'S worst nightmare!

What are the release dates for Mr- Bogus - 1991 Nightmare on Bogus Street 3-1?

Mr- Bogus - 1991 Nightmare on Bogus Street 3-1 was released on: USA: 27 October 1993

What did Mr Rochester tell his guests to console them when they heard a shrill.?

servant had a nightmare

What are the release dates for Nightmare Classics - 1989 The Strange Case of Dr- Jekyll and Mr- Hyde?

Nightmare Classics - 1989 The Strange Case of Dr- Jekyll and Mr- Hyde was released on: USA: 29 October 1989

What was the real name of mr chips?

The real name of mr chip is "Mr Chipping".

Is the sentence correct them storys mr feinstein told was really scary?

The stories Mr. Feinstein told, were really scary.

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Mr. Twit put a fake glass eye in Mrs. Twit's bed to play a trick on her, making her think she had lost her real eye.

Is Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo Real or Fake?

He's a real character on South Park, if by chance you're asking if a Santa hat wearing anthropomorphic piece of excrement w/ magical powers is legitimately "real"... well then, your question is obviously not a serious question and does not require an answer.

What is mr gordons title in the stories of batman?