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No. Phillippines and India are not considered Third World countries.

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Q: Are the Philippines and India considered Third World countries?
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Which is poorer India or Philippines?

India is counted among the developing nations of the world whereas Philippines is a third world country.

Is the Philippines a third world country?

Philippines is an NIC (Newly Industrialized Country) somewhere between the Third world and developing countries.

What are devoloping countries?

Third world countries, or countries that are considered poorer countries of the world

What countries are in third world debt?

Africa India cuba

Is Europe a third world country?

Europe is not a country. It is a continent consisting of many countries. None of these countries would be considered as being third world countries.

How many Countries are Third World?

There are over 30 countries that are considered to be Third World. Some of these countries include Somalia, Yemen, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Zambia.

What two Asian countries have over one third of the world's population?

China and India are the Asian countries that have over one third of the word's population.

Is India one of the poorest countries in the world?

India is the 57th poorest country in the world.Poverty is widespread in India, with the nation estimated to have a third of the world's poor

What are the world's largest countries by population?

China is the first, India is the second and USA is the third most populous countries of the World.

Which two countries contain over a third of all people on the planet?

China and India

Is Guatemala a third world country?

Yes Guatemala is considered a third world country. Third world countries tend to be poorer and less developed than first world countries such as the US.

Which countries have the phone code 97?

There must also appear third number for the area. 97 basically is Philippines.

Why is the standard of living low in India?

I could not get this question exactly, though. Standard of living low in India... low in comparison to which country? India still belongs to the Third World; naturally it is expected to maintain a low standard of living in comparison to the First world countries. If you are talking of other third world countries, India is not faring badly...

What are the third world countries names?

India china sri lanka Africa latin americca

What are third world contries?

Third world countries are countries where people are generally poorer and the country is less developed. They are generally known as Less a Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs). Countries like this are countries in Africa, South America and most Asian countries including China, India and Korea.

Is it third countries or third world countries in a sentence?

Third World countries.

Who are the third group of people came in the Philippines?

The Malays. they are the third group of people who came to the Philippines. they used the Land bridges to reach the Philippines.

What is third-sex marriage?

In India female and male are considered the first two sexes. Gay, lesbian and trans-gendered people are considered the third sex and marriages would be considered same sex marriages. You can read more about the third sex at the related link.

What is the third largest island in the Philippines?

Negros island in the Visayas is the third largest island in the Philippines, after Luzon and Mindanao.

Where is Nike trainers made?

In third world countries. For example, Indonesia, Pakistan. Bangladesh, India, China etc.

When did China become a member of the United Nations?

1972 ...... and was heavily supported by third world countries ... India and Pakistan

Where is India in the world?

India is a country in the continent of Asia. India is one of the most populated countries on earth. India is a triangular shape and is neighboured by china, together they make up to a third of earths population .The capital of India is New Delhi

What are the differences of Third World Countries to other successful countries in medical care and health management?

Third world countries are calle third world countries because they ar very poor. I am sure that the people would love to be able to provide their families with the medical care and health management that other countries have but they would simply not be able to afford it! Some charities raise money to give proper health care to third world countries such as India and Africa.

Who was the third president of India?

the third president of India was zakir hussain

Are Nikes made in China?

Nike don't actually make any shoes themselves any more, they contract out to third party manufacturers in poorer countries around the world. This includes: Indonesia, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Philippines, and Malaysia.