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I 'm An Actual Quileute And Have Lived In Lapush On And Off Throughout my Life. Yeah Our Legend Says That We Descended From Wolves. Our First Tribal Member Was Transformed From A Wolf By K'wa'iti Into A Human.

La Push Washington to the right, 12 miles from Forks Washington is home to the Quileute Tribe. According to legend, the tribe was created from wolves by a supernatural transformer. The tribe's lineage stretches back thousands of years to the Ice Age, making them possibly the oldest inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest.

Important Quileute Mythological FiguresQ'wati (also spelled K'wati, Kweheti, Kwatee, Q'waeti, K'wa'iti, Qati, Kwati, Qwati, and several other ways.) Q'wati is the benevolent culture hero of Quileute legends, frequently referred to in English as the Transformer. His name is pronounced similar to kwatt-ee, only the "k" is pronounced further back in the throat than English "k" and with a catch in the throat after it. The same character is called Dukwibal or Dokibatt in the Puget Sound Salish tribes, Xelas or Haylas in the Coast Salish tribes, and Misp' or Musp in the Quinault tribe. Q'wati is usually credited with creating the Quileute tribe and their neighbors, teaching them right behavior and cultural skills, and protecting them by changing the environment and getting rid of monsters.

Raven (Bayaq or Bayak, in the Quileute language.) Raven is the trickster figure of Quileute legends. His name is pronounced similar to bah-yuck in Quileute. Raven is a clever and generally benign figure who sometimes helps humankind, but he also has many character traits that are viewed negatively in Quileute culture (greed, laziness, arrogance, deceitfulness, and rudeness) and many Quileute legends have to do with Raven misbehaving and getting into trouble because of it.

Thunderbird (T'ist'ilal or Tistilal, in the Quileute language.) The Thunderbird is an important figure throughout Northwest Coast mythology. In Quileute, its name is pronounced similar to tiss-tih-lall. The Thunderbird is described by the Quileutes as a bird large enough to carry a whale in its claws, whose beating wings make thunder.

Dask'iya (also spelled Dassk'iya, Daskiya, and other ways.) Dask'iya is a cannibal ogress in Quileute stories, sometimes known as a "basket ogress" or "basket woman." She is said to capture children in her basket and carry them home to eat them. Legends about Dask'iya are told to frighten Quileute children and warn them away from bad behavior. Her name is pronounced similar to dusk-ee-yuh. Are the "Cold Ones" from Twilight a real Quileute legend?No. There are no Quileute legends about "Cold Ones" or other vampires. Stephenie Meyer, the author of the "Twilight" books, has stated that she made this fictional vampire legend up herself and only had her Quileute character tell it for the purposes of her plot. However, she did base other parts of her books on real Quileute mythology. For example, it is true that according to legend the Quileute tribe is descended from wolves who were changed into men. Even the tribal name "Quileute" comes from their word for wolf, Kwoli.
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Is the Quileute legend that Billy tells Bella and the rest of the Quileutes real?

Some of the legends in the book are real : like the legend that they decended from wolves...but not all the legends are true, they don't really have a legend for the/believe i

Are the quileute legends from twilight true?

No, but the Quileute tribe is a real tribe. It's also spelled Quillayute. They are in Washington. The Quileutes do not believe that they're descended from wolves.

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Yes. The Quileute's are real and they actually believe they are descended from wolves.. They don't believe in the whole "Cold One's" thing. Stephenie Meyer, the author of the

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BEST ANSWER:. All websites that Bella visits were created specifically for the movie, and never actually posted to the internet. For example, the website for the Apotamkin (C

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The Quileute are a small group of native americans, members of the Chimakoan tribe, that are nearly extinct. As far as we have been able to find out, there is no book of speci
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Do you mean from the Twilight series? Well there are many and they take up a whole chapter of Twilight... look in the book Eclipse on page 243
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