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'Subcortical structures' are areas of the brain below the cortex, which is the outermost layer (i.e., the grey matter). The limbic system is one example of a subcortical structure - although technically it isn't just one structure. The limbic system actually consists of a number of key areas related to sensory integration, learning, memory, emotionality, and decision-making. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limbic_system

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What does it mean when there are multiple abnormal foci of high T2 signal scattered along the subcortical and periventricular region?

Your physician should explain you the protocol, but I can try to help a bit though i'd need more details. This is the protocol of a Magnetic Resonance scan (MRI, MRT, KST,... it has many names), i assume of your brain. They see multiple nodes that give a high signal on T2 images. Basically, they see nodes, and the fact that they light up on T2 tells you something about their contents. On T2 images, what lights up has a density about the same as water. About the subcortical and periventricular: this is just the region, subcortical = under the cortex. The cortex is the outer rim of your brain. Periventricular = around the ventricle, a ventricle is a chamber of cerebrospinal fluid in your brain. All things together, my guess (can only guess as i don't have more details and can't see the images), is that these are cysts.

What would two regions with the same climate have in common?

two regions with the same climate usually have the same line of latitude

Can different parts of brain can function or responsible for same thing?

In almost all the cases the most of the brain has taken part in processing the information. Some part of the brain is primarily take part in some particular function. The intense desire of the scientists to attribute the particular job to particular area create the impression that the brain parts work in isolation. For example you have basic instincts like hunger and sex in limbic system of the brain. But it can not function without the involvement of the cerebral cortex.

Is everyone's brain the same?

the form of the brain is but every brain has the same sections but in different order so no every brain is different

What regions in japan are used for the Pokemon regions?

I believe all the same regions in the country your in, just pronounced in japenise

What elements have the same atomic orbitals as iron?

get a brain get a brain get a brain

Is a brain surgeon same as a neurosurgeon?

yes a brain surgeon is the same as a neuro surgeon. its just another name for a brain surgeon

Is metastatic SOL's in brain is same as brain cancer?

Metastatic SOL's or tumors found in the brain are same as brain cancer. Metastatic tumors are one of the most common type of tumors found in the brain.

What is a Stegasaurus' brain the same size as?

a stegasauruses brain is as big as a cats brain

What does the same thing as a nucleus?

the same thing as the nuclus is the brain the nuclus acts like a brain of the cell!!! =]

How does the parietal lobe work?

The parietal lobe is one of the four major lobes, regions of the cerebral cortex. This particular lobe works to process sensory information for other parts of the brain, and at its core works via the same electrical pulses the rest of the brain uses to function.

What is the definition of geological region?

geological regions are regions whose main characteristic is that they have the same type rocks

What was neanderthals brain size?

Their brain size was the same as a modern human.

How many cubic inches was a neanderthal's brain?

The Neanderthal's brain was the same size as a modern human's brain.

Is brain cancer and brain tumor or same?

Depends. I had metroloblastoma. It is a brain cancer and a braintumor. What is a benign tumor?

Is brain therapy the same as a doctoring?

no brain therapy is the study of the brain and doctoring is looking at people's health.

When is brain plasticity at its peak?

Brain plasticity is at its peak in infancy. An infant's brain is a brain that is still capable of adjustment. The same cannot be said of an adult brain.

What is neanderthals brain size in cc?

Their brain size was the same as modern humans.

What cell structure has the same functions as your brain?

The nucleus acts a the brain of a cell.

What does a whales brain do?

The same as any other animal's brain, helps them Think!

Does the human brain have the same shape as that of the cattle?

Basically the same design and structures but in detail the shape of the whole brain and it components are different.

Is Surya balija and kalavantula same?

No, balijas are a sect of kapus in some regions and in other regions they are a sect of kamma and reddy

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