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Q: Are the parents personally liable if a 19 year old on their policy gets into a serious accident over insured amounts in Florida in a leased car where the 19 yr old is the leasor the parents co-signed?
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I cosigned on an automobile loan and insurance for my son. Who is responsible if the insurance is not paid up and he gets in an accident?

As a cosigner, You are jointly and separately liable for any and all amounts that might arise out of the finance note you guaranteed.

Are the parents personally liable if a 19 year old on with her own policy gets into a serious accident over insured amounts in Mass where the 19 yr old lives with her parents?

No she is an adult at 19.

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An accident lawyer can be paid large amounts of money, depending upon who is his clients and if he wins the cases or not. If he wins and the clients get money, the lawyer will most likely get a third of it.

Would probably occur from under-coverage?

If you are found to be liable for damages in an accident and your insurance is insufficient to cover the cost, you will personally have to come up with the cash. The other driver in an accident (or their insurance company) may attach a lien on your house or other assets to obtain the amount in question. This is why homeowners generally take care to have larger amounts of car insurance, so they don't risk losing their house.

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How much is a broken arm worth in a car accident?

Value would depend on similar case settlements in the state the accident occurred. Generally accident claims involving broken bones settle for higher amounts than those without. Speaking with an attorney who is experienced with such cases should be able to help you determine the value of your injury claim.

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Do you need car insurance in every state?

No, you can have the same amount of coverage in dollar amounts set aside in a trust fund making money but is untouchable unless you are in an accident.

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Some disadvantages of having beer in the evening is that you will not be able to drive. Even small amounts of alcohol can result in someone having a serious accident.

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Home insurance in Florida costs varying amounts, depending on the specific location, the likelihood of natural disasters in the given location, the amenities of the home in question, and the credit of the homeowner. Coastal properties in Florida are prone to natural disasters, so they will probably cost more to insure.

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What is the required professional liability amounts for an optometrist is Florida?

Required? It's not required. It's up to the doctor if he or she wants to buy insurance or risk practicing without it.

Which is the biggest auto accident insurance settlement in history?

Unfortunately, because most accident insurance settlements are kept confidential, it is impossible to know the largest settlement amount awarded in history. Settlement amounts typically vary by how much insurance one has on their vehicle, and the amount of damage done to the car and passengers.

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How much should you get from a car accident for a child?

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How much do insurance comany pay for pain and suffering?

Insurance company is required to pay for actual damages. This means putting you back to where you were before the accident, not hitting the lottery to get something for nothing. There is no pain and suffering amounts.

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Know The Florida Liability Insurance Laws?

Liability insurance is not required in its base form in the state of Florida but PIP is mandatory. The coverage amounts are given as liability protection and are included in every insurance quote given to Florida drivers. Florida is considered a no-fault state, meaning that insurance must pay for injuries suffered by all individuals involved in an automobile accident regardless of who is at fault. Property damage insurance in Florida is known as PDL or property damage liability coverage.Obtaining Required Insurance In FloridaAll vehicle operators must carry PIP and PDL when driving in the state of Florida. Those who live in another state do not have to obtain temporary insurance when driving within state boundaries, but anyone moving to Florida must transfer their policy within 90 days after arrival. The amount of PIP and PDL insurance purchased must meet state minimum requirements. These amounts are $10,000 for costs related to bodily injury, $20,000 to cover injuries to all persons per accident and $10,000 to cover property damage.Property damage liability insurance covers the costs to repair a vehicle or property damaged in an accident caused by the insured. It does not cover expenses for the at-fault driver's own vehicle. Separate collision insurance would have to be purchased to cover this expense unless the damage is caused by another driver.Payment On ClaimsFlorida law requires insurance companies to pay these costs regardless of who is at fault in an accident. This means that medical bills for most types of treatment will be paid immediately. It is the responsibility of the injured party to inform a health provider about the insurance carried. After all medical bills and vehicle damage costs have been paid, insurance companies representing all parties involved in an accident will determine what monies are exchanged between them in regards to fault. The law does not allow PIP or property damage liability rates to increase if the non-fault party files a claim. This is one of the major benefits of Florida's auto insurance requirements. Unlike regular liability insurance which can become costly if an individual is involved in repeated accidents, PIP insurance premiums cannot be increased by the provider if the party is deemed not at fault.Affordable PIP and property damage liability insurance can be located using an online comparison site. These companies take basic information on the driver and link it to numerous insurance companies. Drivers can add optional insurance types and build a policy from scratch. The initial quotes given are subject to change depending on the driving history of the individual and the type of car being insured.

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