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Absolutely Not!

Sodium chloride is table salt, a crystalline solid; sodium is a highly reactive metal.

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Are the properties of chlorine the same as the properties of sodium chloride?

The properties of chlorine are highly different from sodium chloride one of the differences is the boiling point. Chlorine has a melting point of 171.6 K whereas sodium chloride has a melting point of 1074 K.

What is the simplest particle that retains the properties of sodium chloride?

A molecule of sodium chloride A molecule of sodium chloride

How do the properties od sodium and chlorine compare to the properties of sodium chloride?

The chemical properties differ immensely. Sodium and chlorine are extremely reactive substances, whereas sodium chloride is fairly unreactive. The same can be said about their physical properties. Sodium chloride has much higher melting and boiling points than sodium or chlorine. Sodium chloride can dissolve in water without reacting, whereas sodium and chlorine react with water. These are just a few differences. There are a lot more.

What are some chemical properties of sodium chloride?

- sodium chloride is an ionic salt- sodium chloride is dissociated in water- sodium chloride is stable

Why does sodium chloride have the properties it has?

The properties characteristic of sodium chloride are due to the type of bonding that occurs between sodium and chlorine: ionic bonding.

What the physical properties of sodium chloride?

Sodium and Chlorine when those two are put together you get Sodium Chloride

What are properties of sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride is a colorless, crystalline salt which is highly soluble in water.

Is sodium chloride a physical or chemical property?

Sodium chloride is a compound. It has chemical and physical properties

Does sodium have the same characteristics as soidum chloride?

Sodium is a chemical element, Na and sodium chloride is a salt, NaCl; two different chemical entities, each with specific chemical and physical properties.

How do the properties of sodium chloride compare with the properties of sodium and of chlorine?

Sodium chloride is a nonreactive solid at room temperature, and is commonly known as table salt. The two elements that make up sodium chloride are sodium and chlorine. Sodium is a very reactive metal that tastes bad. Pure sodium is explosive when it comes in contact with water. Chlorine is a nonreactive gas that is poisonous, and will kill you if you breathe enough of it. Sodium chloride retains neither the properties of sodium nor the properties of chlorine. This is because compounds (such as sodium chloride) have their own characteristics, and not the characteristics of its component elements.

Is sodium chloride the same as the element sodium or chloride?

Sodium chloride is NaCl: sodium is Na, chlorine is Cl.

Why potassium chloride can be used as a substitute for sodium chloride?

Potassium and sodium are categorised under the same group which is Group 1 in the Periodic Table of Elements which consists of alkali metal. Therefore potassium and sodium possess the same chemical properties.

How is the compound sodium chloride different from the elements of which it is composed?

sodium chloride as a compound has different physical and chemical properties than sodium and chloride not mixed together

How is calcium chloride different from sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride is NaCl, calcium chloride is CaCl2. Consequently all the physical and chemical properties are different.

One mole of sodium chloride and one mole of glucose are dissolved in the same volume of water in separate containers what happens to their colligative properties?

There is twice the change in colligative properties in the sodium chloride solution than in the glucose solution.

Is salt the same thing as sodium chloride?

Salt is the same thing as sodium chloride

Did sodium chloride have any dangerous properties?

Sodium Chloride is table salt. It is not particularly dangerous and quite stable.

Why does sodium metal and sodium chloride behave different?

Sodium chloride contains sodium ions, not metallic sodium. Hence they show different chemical properties and behaviour.

What is the difference between sodium chloride and sodium sulfate?

Sodium chloride is NaCl.Sodium sulfate is Na2SO4.Of course all the chemical and physical properties are different.

What is the difference between sodium sulfate and sodium chloride?

Sodium sulfate is Na2SO4 and sodium chloride is NaCl. Of course all the chemical and physical properties are different.

Are properties of sodium chlorine similar to sodium or chlorine?

It's sodium chloride if you're talking about the compound NaCl. And no, the property of the compound will not be the same as the property of either of the elements.

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